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Counting down

November 30, 2009

As I post this, I am in a race with the clock. You see, it is almost 10:30 PM as I type this on November 30, 2009, and I have not made a single post to Streeter Scene this month. For the first time since its inception, a month may go by without an update. Part of the blame rests on the simple fact that I have been in world very little. Unfortunately, I have been working more this fall, which has not left me an abundance of time to hop on the grid. Also, due to my absence, I have fallen out of touch with people, so even when I’m online, I find it hard to connect with my friends.

I’ve told myself for months that I’ll find the motivation again, and I’ve posted as much here. I have to continue Kyūketsuki, at the very least. It has become my one creative outlet over the past year or so.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, for those of you who celebrate it. Hopefully, I’ll be posting again prior to the late night hours of December 31 🙂


All work and no SL make Chloe . . . something something

October 12, 2009

I can’t say that I haven’t been in SL recently. I mean, just last Wednesday I logged in . . . to pay my tier.

RL has been very, very busy and has reduced my time for SL significantly. Add in the fact that I had been having problems finding the motivation to log on, and I’m pretty much a ghost these days.

I *do* miss all my friends out there, though. Hopefully, I’ll find time to play soon 🙂


July is almost at an end

July 29, 2009

It happens every year.

I wait so expectantly for summer, thinking of how wonderful it will be when the weather is finally warm again. See, I don’t like the cold. In fact, you could probably go so far as to say I hate it. Certainly, snow is pretty, but I could do without winter all together, thank you 🙂

So, June finally arrives, and I am happy that summer is here. The problem is, June passes so quickly. And then we have July, which for its thirty-one days, still seems like the shortest month to me. I mean, there is no way we can already almost be to August, right?

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying her or his summer. I’ve been in SL sporadically. I actully got a RL friend to join, and we’ve had some fun. It’s always great to get a new person started and help her find her SL style 🙂

Some people have been give me gentle nudges to do something with Kyūketsuki again. I’m thinking about it. I really do want to move that story along. I have so much of it left to tell . . .

In the meantime, I’ll probably pop into SL now and then to see what’s going on. If you see me, be sure to say, “hi” 😀

Listening to Keeley’s band Sonorous Breaks


Lack of authority

June 16, 2008

I just went and checked my authority rating on Technorati, even though I really have no idea how the rating is computed or what it means. Anyway, I think at one time, Streeter Scene reached something like a twenty-eight.

Now, I am at a lowly seven.

Does this mean the other blogs don’t respect me anymore? Are they all whispering nasty things behind my back? 😉


Happy Fat Tuesday!

February 5, 2008

Thank goodness today is Mardi Gras.  Otherwise, this day would have absolutely no significance.  No significance in the least.

 Now, who wants some beads? 😀

 Not you, Dirk.  We’ve all seen your bare chest (and more) quite enough already, thank you 😉


The sweet sound of crickets

February 3, 2008

Shhhhh!  Don’t say anything, lest we interrupt their chirping!