Does SL have an expiration date?

September 17, 2009

I know we all grow disenchanted with SL from time to time, but it seems that more and more of the people who I became friends with during my early SL days are going away. Now, I can’t criticize (not that I would), as I have gone through long periods of absence in my two-and-one-half years in SL and likely would not be on very much now if one of my RL friends hadn’t started going in world, but it seems that very few of the people who I met and became friends with in my early days are around anymore.

Hence my question: does SL have an expiration date?

It just seems that we all start SL, become interested in the possibilities, form friendships, maybe get into a relationship (which will probably—maybe inevitably—end in heartache), try our hands at building or designing or whatever . . . and then we hit the point where we’re not sure why it is we’re logging in. Our friends aren’t around as much. We’ve seen all the really interesting places. We’ve given up on flirting due to a bad break-up. Things just happen that diminish the enjoyment we once had.

I’m fighting to keep SL fresh and interesting, and watching my friend establish herself in world is helping, but I’m not sure if this is just what I need to revive my interest or if I’m just keeping SL on life support, not wanting to finally let go.



  1. You know, I think part of the problem for me is that SL is such a resource hog. I have to be doing SL and *only* SL for it to run smoothly.

    Which isn’t that big of a deal, until you look up and realize that 3 hours have gone by. Some days that’s great, but I haven’t really been able to find a rhythm that fits it easily into my day, where I can find my (two) friends online. I really wish that SL had an IM client where I didn’t have to be logged in-world and could just leave it running in the background.

    *cough* (facebook!) *cough*

  2. YEAH Chloe…B and I are on it..>DOOOO EEEET!

  3. Facebook? Hmm . . . not sure I know what that is . . . :p

    DD, there *are* chat clients that work with SL, you know.

    • there are? for mac? link me. i’ll DL that for shiz.

  4. There was an application called SLeek, but I can’t seem to find it anymore. There is another application called AjaxLife, but it appears that it may not currently be working :/

  5. I know what you mean my friend. I have been in SL for over a year and a half, and very few of my friends from the early days log on anymore and I have been feeling the doldrums too. But this is also my second Summer in SL, and I have noticed a pattern that fewer people log in over the summer months and that things pick up when the days get shorter. And for me at least, when a friend I have not seen online in perhaps months logs on, I am glad to see them and to find that the friendship is still as vital as it used to be!

    For me though, SL allows me to continue to experience some things that I cannot in RL, so in that way it will always be an important part of my life. I am also getting more involved with some activities with an active group I am a member of, so that keeps me interested.

    Maybe you just need to figure out what you are looking for that SL can, or can’t, provide. And if SL has run its course for you, then look to how you can find what you need in RL. But also find the ways to sustain your friendships from SL in other formats. Speaking personally, your friendship has meant a lot to me, and even if you leave SL behind, then I would hope that we can keep connected.


  6. Hey, Caoilin! It’s good to see you! Maybe I’ll find time sometime soon so we can catch up 🙂

  7. I find that my interest comes and goes with time. I’ll get really into it for 3-4 months then not log in at all for 3-4 months.

    I’ve been semi regular for 3.5 years now, same account.

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