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Dance fever

August 8, 2009

Recently, my friend Whitney has been getting into dancing in SL, and this week, I’ve been tagging along. I’ve been dancing in SL in the past, but Whitney’s been going ballroom dancing, which I never really did in the past. Perhaps it’s because I’ve tended to be a little ragamuffin neko while in SL, which doesn’t really fit with the ballroom scene, but I always went to less formal places, like Sanctuary Rock or Lounge of Dreams (where the very awesome Rosie Barthlemess works). I have to say that I’ve really been enjoying myself, though, making me kinda wonder why I never tried this out before.

Yep, even ragamuffin Chloe enjoys being pretty now and then 🙂

Waiting for some nice young gentleman to ask me to dance . . .