The terrible twos!

February 1, 2009

I just realized that my second rez-day is approaching! Yep, on February 5, I will be two years old!

I really want to do something to celebrate the occasion. I’ve talked about having a party for a long time, but nothing has ever panned out. The thing is, I’m not a great hostess, so entertaining a large group of people is probably beyond my abilities 🙂

Anyway, Keeley and I just moved to a new plot of land (did I ever mention we’re roomies?), and I’ve just started setting up my skybox again. I was thinking of maybe setting up the top of my skybox as a place to hang out, though, and just inviting anyone to stop by on Thursday, if you have absolutely nothing better to do. If I get this together, I’ll drop notecards on people with a landmark and times, etc.

So . . . maybe I’ll see some of you on Thursday 🙂



  1. I’ll be there if at all possible!

  2. Me too!!!

  3. Um, me three! And really guys, do we have to keep meeting this way? There’s this place called SL where we could hang out instead. ;p

  4. Hee-hee, smart ass. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Rasmuson! 😛

    Invitations have been sent!

  5. I’m just glad it’s not a barbie themed party 😉

  6. I might resemble that remark a bit, Streeter. :p I got my invitation, and I’ll be there!

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