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The much delayed rez day post

February 27, 2009

Yeah, yeah . . . I’m suck a freakin’ slacker 🙂 Anyway, on February 5 (yes, over three weeks ago), I held a party for my second rez day on top of my skybox. I had a great time, and some very cool kids showed up to help me celebrate 😀

Thanks to those who stopped by as well as those who sent well wishes (and gifts)! It was awesome to see people whom I hadn’t in a while and to hear from others. Maybe I’ll be able to get together with all of you more in the near future.

Ain’t no party like a Chloe Streeter party, ‘cuz . . . whatever


Invitations have been sent

February 2, 2009

OK, so the party is on 🙂 It will be on Thursday, February 5 at 4 PM SLT. A landmark was included with the invitations, but I think the tp spot for the plot is set to the ground level, so I may have to put in a teleporter.

If you didn’t receive an invitation for some reason, let me know. I tried to include all my SL friends, but there is the chance I missed someone.

Like I said, this won’t be anything big, but I hope I get to catch up with some people I haven’t seen in a long time. It might be fun. It’s feasible, at least . . . 😉


The terrible twos!

February 1, 2009

I just realized that my second rez-day is approaching! Yep, on February 5, I will be two years old!

I really want to do something to celebrate the occasion. I’ve talked about having a party for a long time, but nothing has ever panned out. The thing is, I’m not a great hostess, so entertaining a large group of people is probably beyond my abilities 🙂

Anyway, Keeley and I just moved to a new plot of land (did I ever mention we’re roomies?), and I’ve just started setting up my skybox again. I was thinking of maybe setting up the top of my skybox as a place to hang out, though, and just inviting anyone to stop by on Thursday, if you have absolutely nothing better to do. If I get this together, I’ll drop notecards on people with a landmark and times, etc.

So . . . maybe I’ll see some of you on Thursday 🙂