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January 31, 2009

Today, I uploaded a bunch of pics to my Flickr account that had been collecting on my hard drive for a while. They’re just odds and ends that I never got around to adding to my account.

Since I’m on the subject of Flickr, I want to rant a little 🙂 What, me rant? Yeah, I know it is *so* uncharacteristic, but there is something that has been annoying me . . .

If you know me very well and are a Flickr user, you are probably aware that I have been mostly inactive on Flickr for quite some time. This last batch of photos are the first I’ve uploaded since the end of last month, and that pic was the first I had uploaded since September 1. The thing is, I am still getting people who are adding me as a contact on Flickr, and it is happening fairly frequently. Gee, are these people going through all my old pics and adding me as a contact in the hopes that I will return and once again add more stunning pics :p to my account? While I might like to deceive myself into believing that, the answer is a pretty emphatic “no.” When I check out the profiles of these people, I see that they have 1000, 2000, or more contacts.

This is just something that really gets me. I mean, to me, you add someone as a contact because you want to keep tabs on that person’s pics, but that isn’t how it’s being used by these people. They’re relying on reciprocity so that people will add them and they will get more views. It’s entirely self serving.

The problem is, I always go ahead and add them as contacts. I made a decision when I first began that I would reciprocate with anyone from SL because I wanted to foster the idea of an SL community. But what they’re doing—adding tons of people, in all likelihood without checking any of those people’s streams—doesn’t help create a community at all, in my opinion. They aren’t adding people because they appreciate what those people have contributed. They’re just after numbers.

Anyway, I’m done ranting. For those of you who *do* know me and are interested in what I’ve done, I hope you like the pics. I didn’t do anything to them other than cropping, so don’t expect art, but it will give you a glimpse in what SL has been for me over the past several months.

Love you all, and hope to see you in world soon! 🙂

Spending time with Caoilin and God’s son. Good times . . .