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December 31, 2008

I wonder how many bloggers have already used that title today. Probably more than I want to know 🙂

Anyway, it’s New Year’s Eve 2008, and I have blogged zero times this month, so here’s my last-ditch effort to prevent this from being the only postless month in the history of Streeter Scene.

I would like to fill this post with actual resolutions, but those are like promises, and I haven’t been too good at keeping promises lately. I promise to e-mail people, and I don’t. I promise to log onto SL more, but I’m mostly absent. I promise a new Kyūketsuki post, but it doesn’t come.

It seems that whatever purpose SL once served for me has nearly disappeared. A lot of the people I came to care about in SL have either left the platform or are mostly absent. It’s the nature of the internet. People come and go as RL dictates. You can’t expect any permanency and have to enjoy things while they last.

I guess if I have to come up with a resolution (because I can feel you forcing me to 😛 ), it would be to really appreciate each relationship as it comes and try to remember only the good when it goes away. To allow myself to care about and love my friends but let them go when the time comes.

And I do love all of you who have been special to me over the nearly two years I’ve been in SL. There are so many people I have come across and been fortunate to include in my SLife. I cherish all the conversations and good times we have had together.

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope the best for you all 🙂

Random pic I took tonight