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Wow, do I suck or what?

November 23, 2008

Another promise of a new Kyūketsuki chapter, and another long wait.

I have quite a bit of time off for Thanksgiving, so maybe I’ll get it done then.

Sorry for yet another delay :/


Kyūketsuki Chapter 11 is in the works

November 11, 2008

OK, so you know how prior to every chapter of Kyūketsuki I begin to talk about it and promise it’s coming soon, only to only finally get to it weeks later? Well, I’m going to try to *not* do that this time. Honest 🙂

So, in the near future, you should be seeing the eleventh chapter in the ongong story of Ai Ōnishi. What secrets will she learn from the vampire hunter, and what impact will they have on her search for Tomo? Check out the next entry and find out!


Hey, lookit—Chloe’s back!

November 3, 2008

So, I’ve been slowly returning to SL after a good break. I think it’s always a good idea to step away from the grid every once in a while when it isn’t living up to your expectations. No need to try to force enjoyment out of it . . .

But now I’m back 🙂 I don’t think I’ll ever be around like I was back in my early SL days, but I should be online more than I have been recently. I’ll probably start bugging some of you again, so you may want to go ahead and set yourself invisible to me now before I get a chance 😉

One of the best things that happened since my return was listening to my friend’s band Toe’d Up play in world. These are the types of things that make SL enjoyable to me—to be able to share in the talents and creativity of some very special people 🙂

There’s more I could talk about now, but it will have to wait until later. See you in world!