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It’s always interesting . . .

September 13, 2008

when someone decides to drop you from his/her friends list without warning.

I’ll admit that I’m not the best SL friend. When I’m online, I spend most of my time alone, either working on something or shopping. I may IM back and forth a little, but much of the time I don’t initiate it. It’s not that I don’t like talking with those on my friends list—my mind just always seems to be elsewhere.

Anyway, I’ve recently noticed some people have dropped me, which is fine . . . I guess. One of them was one of my first SL friends, though, and even though I haven’t really talked to her in a while, it still feels like a loss. Another was someone who acted very, very interested in me and shared some RL stuff with me. A third was someone who apparently killed off his character today. At least, that’s what he says in his profile.

Maybe we all just went in different directions. Maybe I’m just a bad friend. I don’t know. It just feels big to me to actually remove someone from my list, and I’ve only done it with a few people—mainly guys who tried to hit me up for SLex :/ It always makes me wonder if I’ve failed someone . . .


Working on the next chapter

September 7, 2008

Yesterday, I spent all my time in SL planning out the next chapter of Kyūketsuki. Writing the last post made me realize how much I had missed working on that blog. Believe me, you won’t have to wait another for months for chapter 11 🙂

One of the biggest roadblocks I faced with the last chapter was setting up multi-character scenes. What I generally do is set up poseballs and switch between them, taking a picture for one character, and then sitting on the next poseball and taking a picture while keeping my camera stationary. After I do this, I composite the images together in Photoshop, and voila—it’s like I have other cast members instead of doing the whole thing myself. The problem tends to be actually setting up those poseballs in the first place. When I’m preparing them, it’s hard to determine placement and how the characters will appear to interact without having someone else helping me. In the past, I’ve been lucky enough to have Tobie and Wolf help out, but that is not always a good solution. For one, it is a very time-consuming process to set up the poseballs and then determine how I want to frame my shots, so I absolutely hate to ask anyone to help, as it has to be terribly boring for them. Also, there is just the matter of catching someone else online who isn’t busy. We all have things we’re working on in SL, so it doesn’t feel right to pull someone away from her/his project to come help me with mine.

Recently, I found a solution which should help eliminate this problem. Through an article in the now defunct SL’ang Life Magazine, I learned how I can run multiple viewers simultaneously. Yes, I’m sure a lot of you probably already knew how to do this, but well . . . I’m not the most tech-savvy chick around, OK? 😛 Anyway, for those of you who don’t know how to do this—and it’s so easy—all that you have to do is go into the properties of your desktop shortcut for SL and at the end of the target field, add “-multiple” (without the quotation marks). So, your target should end up looking something like “C:\Program Files\SecondLife\SecondLife.exe” -multiple. The only thing is, you have to have an alt for the second viewer (which it seems that most people do anymore). As for you MAC users . . . well, I know nothing about MACs, so I have no idea how you would set this up.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand—chapter 11 of Kyūketsuki will be coming sometime in the near future. Will Ai find out the whereabouts of her beloved Tomo? Will she be able to overcome the ways of the kyūketsuki and rediscover the love she once felt? Check back and see 🙂


A new project

September 1, 2008

It’s nothing big, but I did start a new project today. I decided that, though I like my skybox, I wanted to build something on my own. Though it still needs a lot of work, I created a (very) small section of a city block.

Chloe’s new home

There is a lot of texture work I’ll have to do (if you notice, there are no windows), and I may try to replace some of the freebies I put out with items I make (if I ever progress that far), but it’s a start 🙂 What I like is I’m putting a lot of poses in, so people will have places to sit whenever they visit (because I get oh so many visitors, you know).

I’ll keep posting pics to Flickr as it progresses. If you want to stop by and check it out, let me know 🙂