Pygmalion update

June 20, 2008

So, I’ve been spending time revamping some of my old shapes (currently working on the neko shapes), and while making shapes can be fun, I’ve realized that I want to do more. Because of this, I think I’m actually going to try to make avatars, including skins and eyes (and maybe someday, hair). I’ll probably be using the Eloh Eliot templates to make the skins for the avatars, but I would also make those skins available for free, as I wouldn’t be trying to profit off her work.

I think my first creation may be a neko avatar, including ears and a tail. I’ll post about the progress of the avie as I work on it.

Oh, and I know that I keep promising a new Kyūketsuki post, and I have every intention of delivering on that promise soon. The problem is that I need someone to help me set up poses for the pics, and so far, it just hasn’t worked out. I have the story in my mind, so once I can actually arrange to take the pics, I’ll be able to make a new post. I apologize for the extremely long wait for chapter 10. I hope that I can get back to posting more frequently soon.



  1. Glad to know you are getting into making stuff with such enthusiasm and passion again 🙂

    I really am trying to be on at the same time as you, and available to help with your story blog too, but life isn’t cooperating this week – lol.

  2. I can hardly wait to see the progress on your first avatar set! And if I can help out at all with your pics for chapter 10, then just let me know.

  3. Are the Eloh Eliot templates actually fully done skins in photoshop? Sounds like a good place to start.

    If you plan to package your skins in with your shape, then you probably will customize the skins to fit the shape better… so no reason to offer the skins for free.

    good luck with your creations… it all takes time, but real fun. Just do not worry about having a deadline… just have fun and take your time.

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