The return of Pygmalion

June 17, 2008

As you may or may not remember, I very briefly had a shape store in world called Pygmalion. It was not a successful venture in the least, and it did not take me long to close up shop.

Well, I’ve decided to give it another try 🙂

Tonight, I started revamping some of the old shapes. I’m going to create new vendors and include different skins on them to give shoppers a better idea of how different skins will look with each shape. Plus, I’m going to price the shapes pretty cheaply.

I may come up with custom model poses for the vendors as well and sell these, too. I’m not sure about that yet.

Anyway, it feels good to be creating things again 🙂



  1. I have thought about doing the same kind of thing with some of my male shapes… The right shape makes a big difference… and not everyone has an eye for good proportions.

  2. You should do it, Gin 🙂

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