Dancing (geek) queen

June 16, 2008

So, I took a break from organizing my inventory today and finished my night at the Lounge of Dreams. Rosie was djing, and as usual, she provided great music and a lot of personality 🙂 It was Geeks and Nerds Night, so I put together a geeky ensemble and teleported in . . .

While dancing at the club, I met a nice fellow named Gard. He’s a neuroscience student in RL (hope that wasn’t a secret). I hinted that he should be the geek king for that alone 🙂

Shakin’ it with Gard

Anyway, it was nice to get out and not only see a good friend, but to make a new friend as well. Plus, I won the contest for Geek Dame (I think that is what the contest was titled). I kinda won by default, though, since the other three contestants had left the club before the contest was over, and without thinking, I said that after I won. Probably made me seem ungrateful, which I wasn’t. Geeks are supposed to be socially inept, though, right? 😉

Still a lot left to do with my inventory, and I continued to buy things I decided I *had* to have. At least I’m displacing all the bad freebies with quality stuff 🙂


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