The great inventory clean-up

June 15, 2008

I’ve been procrastinating for a long time, but I’m finally getting around to cleaning up my inventory a little. Reaching over 25K items and knowing that many of them are freebies that I will never, never, ever use made up my mind for me.

That said, I continue to add things to my inventory through purchases and the occasional freebie. I just went to the sale at Ivalde and added a few new outfits to my wardrobe, including one non-sale item that I decided I really needed 🙂

My new Ivalde outfit

Oh, and I found a hair designer whose textures and styles I’ve fallen in love with—Dernier Cri! Aside from the styles and textures, she allows you to try out *any* color on the demo hair through a HUD before you make your purchase, which is an idea I hope that other designers pick up on. For once, you get to see the hair how it will actually appear on your head, so there shouldn’t be any disappoinments about how the hair looks in *your* color. The hair I’m wearing in the picture is her Jenna style, and I’ve been wearing it for several days now. If only I could get my real hair to look like that . . . 🙂



  1. You look gorgeous, sweetie =)

  2. Thanks, Tobie 🙂

  3. Come clean mine …YOU know it makes sense yo!

  4. Um, no thanks 🙂 I’ve spent hours on mine, and I think I’ve only managed to knock off about 1000 items :/

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