Where are you going, where have you been?

April 30, 2008

So, when did you say I can expect the bus?

Today, I’ve been thinking of all that has transpired in the nearly fifteen months I’ve been in SL. I know what you’re thinking (yes, I can read minds—forget Miss Cleo, Miss Chloe is the real deal!). How is this any different than what I normally do? Haven’t we all been reading post after post of me mulling over all the details of my Second Life and what they mean?

Well, yeah, I suppose so. That’s just the way I am and, in all likelihood, it’s the way I will continue to be.

Anyway, it’s interesting for me to look back over 200+ posts and see where I’ve been. While I still believe I am neurotic as ever 🙂 , there are differences in me. I think I’m a little more secure with myself. I entered SL at a time when my RL was beginning to come apart, and I think that it has helped me to maintain a little bit of sanity. On the other hand, SL has actually been a source of stress in RL. There have been times when things go badly in SL, and I find myself bummed and frustrated in RL. It is as if there is a symbiotic relationship now between the two lives. They can feed off of one another in beneficial ways, but the potential remains for one to affect the other negatively.

After looking at where all I’ve been in SL—the good friends I’ve made, the things I’ve seen, the lessons I’ve learned, the mistakes I’ve made, and the love I’ve found—I of course have to wonder what lies ahead. I am on the verge of partnering with Tobie (yes, we’re moving ahead with the plans), something that has been a long time coming. I will have been with her for a year on May 6, and though we’ve had to weather my six months of dial-up, her ascension to a very time-consuming role with the Catwalkers, and my neuroses 🙂 , we remain together. The thought of partnering with her makes me smile, and I am looking for the day that we can share our happiness with the ones we care about most in SL.

But what then?

We’ve all heard that life is not about the destination, but the journey. My journey has been long to get to this point, and it is culminating with a marriage to the cutest and coolest neko in SL . . . not to mention the biggest smart ass on the grid 😉 I am very curious what the next journey will be. Hopefully, it does not lead to Arnold Friend, like the protagonist the story from which this post steals its name.

And I hope, very sincerely, that those of you who take the time to check my blog continue on the journey with me 🙂

A side note for those of you who have read the story from which this post steals its name—remove the “r”s from “Arnold Friend” and see what is left. I just learned about this tonight 🙂


  1. You’ve definitely become more secure in yourself Chloe, probably largely due to all that soul searching and facing your neuroses 🙂

    The only certainty about the future is that we cannot predict it, but I’ll go so far as to say it will be great fun, maybe challenging at times, and hopefully enlightening {wolfie grin}

  2. *snuggles up to her introspective kitty* =3

  3. Never change too much Chloe – we love you just the way you are 🙂

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