Starting to get back into SL

March 30, 2008

March is almost behind us, and with it passes one of the least active months for Streeter Scene. In fact, I have posted the least this month since being on dial-up, and if you consider that some of my posting was merely to inform everyone about Kyūketsuki business, there really hasn’t been much content offered at all. Recently, I’ve been feeling kinda blah about SL, and when I’m in world, I find myself asking why I’m there. For a while, I was a freebie gathering fiend, but my inventory is so insanely overflowing now that I need to put a stop to that unless it’s something that I really, really, really want. Plus, once I gather that stuff, I need to actually wear it somewhere outside my little skybox, and I really haven’t been venturing out much.

It all hasn’t been so bad, though. I’ve spent a little bit of time with Tobie. I’ve hung out with my friends Keeley and Dirk. I’ve worked on the much delayed new Kyūketsuki post (I’m going to try hard to get it posted this week). I went to the Blogger party today and then to a concert with Shadey. These things have reminded me why I have loved SL so much in the past. I think I’m (very) slowly getting back some of that enjoyment and drive to do things in world.

Anyway, I hope to revive Streeter Scene a bit in April. Maybe Dirk can debate some issue with me and I’ll bring it to the blog like I used to. Of course, I would have to see him longer than five minutes in world before he logs out . . .

OK, I think that’s it for now. And in keeping with tradition from the early days of Streeter Scene, I’m finishing the post with a pic I took today. It ranks among my favorite pics I’ve taken of my avie.

Hopefully, I’ll be back and posting again soon 🙂



  1. OOOH. Guilt trip. I love it.

    I’ll be around more these coming weeks. We’ll rock it out.

  2. Sounds like you have been feeling much the same as I have Chloe. I’ve been avoiding going in because I just haven’t known what to do once I am there. However, I have actually added two people to my friends list in the last couple of weeks (Hi Alexx and Brandy if you are reading!) and hope this is the start of good times. It sounds like you too are coming out of the murky days. Maybe we have all been hibernating?! Anyway, meeting up with you is still high on my to-do list LOL So I shall seek you out real soon 🙂 {hugs}

  3. God Dirk always logs out on me too! * mumbles* Big skuto that he is!

  4. I would love to spend more time with you, sweetie! =)

    But, probably like a lot of people, I’ll be spending a bit less time online now that the warm weather is on its way. But, that doesn’t mean I’m going away…we just might have to try to plan ahead for our time together. And we really do have to start making a list of things to see and do in SL so we don’t spend an hour trying to decide where to go, you know?

  5. Dirk: Whatever it takes to keep you from cutting out on me, homie 😛

    Phoenix: Yes, we really do need to meet in world sometime! It’s hard to believe that we haven’t yet. I wonder if the “murky days” have anything to do with the weather. I will say that the promise of spring has seemed to lighten my mood a bit 🙂

    Keeley: OMG, he is the *biggest* skuto! I’m not even sure *why* it is we want him around 😉

    Tobie: Yeah, we’ll probably start having to plan ahead, or we’ll never see each other :/ As for planning things in advance—well, I’m so out of it anymore that I don’t even know what is new and interesting in world. I’ll have to start bugging people who are more in the know.

  6. I’ve been hibernating a bit as well. I actually keep thinking of it as a chrysalis time because I feel like things are changing in positive ways as I figure out what I’m doing in SL. Spring has definitely been an energizer already. And hi to Phoenix! We so need a big meet-up to do something completely out of character to shake ourselves up. 😀

  7. /me is struggling real hard to escape chains of lethargy and depression

    I have some new ideas I want to start playing with in-world, I just don’t seem to get my ass into gear and do them. I’m roping in another couple of people for feedback and motivation. Room for one or two others if you want to get involved. Maybe it’ll help you too.

  8. Brandy: I think there are few of us who *haven’t* taken at least a short break from SL recently. I keep meaning to get back to the Lounge of Dreams. I still haven’t seen Rosie since she got back, though I did get to talk to her one night 🙂

    Wolf: Get ahold of me in world and let me know what you’re working on. I’m glad to help 🙂

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