Have you seen this kitten?

February 23, 2008

I realize that I’ve been relatively inactive when it comes to Flickr and blogging these days. We have stages in our lives when some things are more important to us than others. At this point and time, Flickr and blogging do not have the draw for me that they once did. I seem to want to go out and experience SLife rather than write about it or share images of it. I would rather spend my free time in world than outside it.

I’m going to try to get back to writing Kyūketsuki on a regular basis, as I do want to continue that story. I would like to get in two posts by the middle of next week, picking up a weekly schedule again starting next weekend. That may be somewhat ambitious, but I’m going to try.

As for Streeter Scene . . . well, it’s not going anywhere, but updates will not likely come with any regularity. The days of wanting to post daily or every other day have passed.

Of course, all this may change in a week. A woman’s prerogative to change her mind, right? 😉



  1. I can understand that Chloe and, personally, I think it’s great that you are living your second life to the full once again. I’ve never made regular posts on my blog, so i can hardly complain LOL And, like you, right now I want to be out there ‘doing it’ rather than thinking of things to write about. So, I guess I’ll have to track you down in-world to find out what you are up to LOL

  2. +1 to what Phoenix said – lol

    Go have fun 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. YAY (yay) That means I can im/harass you more! 🙂 AKA xx

  4. Whatever. I never see you in-world, and now I don’t even get to make lame comments on your blog?


  5. *grins* I saw that kitty about a week ago….

    But yeah… My blog is horribly behind as between RL work & Slife, I’m just not keeping up… I take pictures at random in SL, more while I’ve been setting up my home, and then usually like once a week I actually manage to upload a batch…

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