New(bie) perspective

February 10, 2008

Yann in all his newbie glory

This is Yann. If you can’t tell, he’s a newbie.

You may have read about my and Tobie’s first encounter with Yann in her description of this pic. He wandered onto our land a couple of weeks ago, strolled around Daffodil Island a bit, then came back and befriended us. Recently, I’ve talked quite a bit with Yann, meeting up with him a couple of times to hang out.

Last night, I went to the Lounge of Dreams to dance and have some fun. It’s the club that Rosie and Brandy frequent, and while Rosie has been absent because of RL, I knew Brandy would be there and I’ve have someone to bug 🙂 While there, I got a tp request from Yann. I IMed him back and began talking with him. He seemed down, so I sent him a tp.

While at the club, Yann ended up on the stage, which scared me a bit. I tried to tell him through IM that he needed to get down, but it seemed like he wasn’t paying attention. I became a little worried he was going to be ejected or banned. Fortunately, he finally stepped off the stage . . . and moved me back several feet as he ran into me.

I spent the rest of my time at the Lounge of Dreams dancing with Yann and occasionally IMing Brandy. I sent Yann IMs, but he was entirely non-responsive, even when I told him I was getting ready to leave. Thinking that he was probably only paying attention to chat and not IMs, I sent him a tp after I went back home, and he soon arrived. Then I got an idea. I would take him to get a good, free skin and help him update his appearance. Before, he had been very resistent to changing anything, but after he almost got into trouble at the club (they had been having some griefers there recently, and some people were freaking out when they saw him get up on the stage), I thought it was worth another attempt. I wanted him to realize that people *would* react to him differently in SL because of his appearance.

I tped Yann to the SL Free*Style store in La Reina, and I got him to purchase the freebie male skin. After a lot of effort, I finally got him to put it on.

Even after putting on the new skin, Yann continued to talk about how he was satisfied with the way he had looked. I told him that there would be people who would not treat him as nicely because he looked like a newbie. His response was that I hadn’t. That made me think. What was I basing my belief about appearance on? Do people actually treat newbies poorly, or am I so wrapped up in my avie’s appearance that I made that assumption? Maybe Yann saw SL with fresh eyes and realized some things that I didn’t.

Then Yann accused me of being a guy.

Damn newbies.



  1. It was great seeing both you and Yann at the club. You definitely weren’t bothering me. 😀

    I think it’s sometimes easy to assume that a newbie-looking person doesn’t care about his/her appearance and is looking to cause problems, and that has the same problems as any other assumption that someone might make. I admit I’m surprised by the number of people I meet who still are wearing their newbie skin, hair, clothing, etc., but I figure different strokes for different folks most of the time. If someone’s interested in a makeover, then I’m definitely game to help them do that as cheaply as possible, but if they don’t, then that’s cool too.

    Classic that he mentioned you might be a guy. LOL

  2. Wait, you’re a woman??!!??

  3. Brandy: It sounds like maybe I do push a little bit more than you to get people to try out new skin, hair, etc. I think that a lot of newbies *have* spent some time on their look, and that may be part of the resistence. I guess I just want to give them the guidance I wish I had when new.

    Dirk: Yes . . . but I’ll never be the woman you are . . .

  4. Heehee!

    Mr. Streeter =)

  5. Well, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to want to help people refine their looks, and most new people probably really appreciate that guidance. You make a good point that just because someone looks newbie to us doesn’t mean that he/she hasn’t worked on his/her appearance, and that very well could be part of any resistance you get.

  6. Well oddly I hit on this topic in my last blog post (I so need to get cracking on that and post some more), though I thing I annoyed the newbie I was talking to… ^_^

    I didn’t really want to be, but… damn… It’s not 1999 anymore… the 90’s want their AV’s back… >_>

    In under 30 days I’d absorbed how to be fashionable in SL and had hair and clothes that is all free for the taking as a new (sub 30 day) resident of SL…

  7. Appearance is everything, espically in SL, where it can be change on the fly. It is all about how people percieve you. If I ran into this guy I would be nice, but in that kind of down-talking way. I want people to stay in SL and I dont want noobs to be treated with such disrespect that they leave that I had them lms to Free Dove and other stores that had out really nice freebies. Honestly, I wish someone told me about those stores and helped me out with the issues of trying to deal with all the emotions that went along with SL. Then again, I tried to make my av a bit more stylish than a normal noob av. But I guess that it is important for people to retain the av that they perfer and we can’t do much to change that. We have to let others react to our av inorder to change our looks and such.

    Oddly enough I usally get that I’m a female, for those who dont know, Im a guy, when I’m on message boards and I have to repeat myself to tell noobs that I’m a guy, not a girl. lol


  8. haha.. Mr. Streeter,nice one Tober.. Chloe hmm I never did get go out on a gender switching date with you (preferably before your wedding).. you did make that male AV.

    I think it is a good thing that noobs look the way they do cause we all know they do stupid things or need extra help and it is a good thing to be wearing a sign to warn the rest of the SL population.

    What amazes me is the AVs walking around looking like noobs, but have been in SL for a year… and if you mention about the freebie upgrade, they are totally offended by it and somehow proud of their customized spiky hair and apearance defining who they are.

    What is apearance in SL anyways, why would someone be resistant to try a new look?.. I have quite a few different looks, one drag of a folder and I am a spider, another, I am neko, another I am a man, on and on.. Not to mention how fun it is to make new looks.

  9. Tobie: I told you that one of us was going to have to act like the guy. I guess that’s me :/

    Brandy: This is the most trouble I’ve had trying to get someone to try something new. I’m wondering if there’s a difference between men and women when it comes to this. I’ve never had a lot of resistence from the female newbies I’ve tried to help, expect for one avie who wasn’t convinced that prim hair was better than Linden hair 🙂

    Shadey: I actually had read your post before I wrote this one. It’s funny that we both ran into similar situations recently, though it sounds like your guy was worse 🙂 I won’t say that I was fashionable within the first 30 days, but I definitely had a new skin, prim hair, and some clothes that *weren’t* freebies.

    Adia: You’ll have to tell me your secret for having people think you’re a woman. I was with Tobie last night, in a dress and wearing shoes that had bows on them, and a guy came up to Tobie and asked if I was her boyfriend! I mean, I was wearing men’s hair, but still! 🙂

    Gin: Yes, we need to go out sometime. I actually have a few good male skins, etc., now, so I’d even be somewhat presentable 😉 As for being resistant, I suppose that I do have to admit that I was a bit wary of changing certain things when I was new, such as my hair. Of course, if I had stuck to that, I would be several thousand lindens richer 🙂

  10. I remember Yann at LoD, it’s interesting because he’s the second Yann I’ve met in SL. The first had an alien humaniod form, we met on a camping bench. He said he just stuck around the sand boxes building and didn’t really care what he looked like.

    I try to be nice and not judge the newbies, because I remember what it was like and also I run around purple with wings. But I ‘ve made up a folder called “For Newbies” that has landmarks to various quality freebie places and also places that give out vouchers for free hair (like Calla and Wilted Rose), along with some nice clothes. I was organizing my inventory and noticed that several outfits I got from Love Aya were full perm so I put them together with that. I also have some of the Another Skins as well as some notecards of cool places to visit and see.

    I just did this the other day and only gave out everything to one person so far but I asked and she seemed to be very grateful. I don’t have any guy stuff though. I’m thinking about making up a notecard with the URL of FabFree, SL Free Style, Mermaid Diaries and other blogs that would be helpful.

    The only time I’m ever really eyerolly about Noobs are guys who’ve been in world a while and still look new and try lame pick up lines.

  11. Wow, it’s a lucky newbie who runs across you, Beatrix! I should really consider trying to do things like this as well. Though I’m not out a lot, there seem to be a few newbies recently who like to wander onto our land 🙂

  12. I tend to run across some newbies when I’m lucky chair or treasure hunting and then also some end up wandering into the club I work at.

    Plus I’ve run across a couple hours old avies who have already been taken advantage of and it made me mad to think that their first experiences with SL were tainted or that they might give up on it because of that.

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