Happy Fat Tuesday!

February 5, 2008

Thank goodness today is Mardi Gras.  Otherwise, this day would have absolutely no significance.  No significance in the least.

 Now, who wants some beads? 😀

 Not you, Dirk.  We’ve all seen your bare chest (and more) quite enough already, thank you 😉



  1. Happy Fat Tuesday to you too. So what aren’t you telling us about today then? ;o)

  2. I like to call it Ash Wednesday Eve, because I’m super-religious like that.

  3. All I know is my kids are bugging me for pancakes! And yeah, what aren’t you telling us Chloe? 🙂

  4. Being a north eastern kid I know next to nothing about Mardi Gras… But beads sound good… ^_^

  5. /me lifts up my shirt and shake what the sliders gave me.


    Me! Me! Me! Lol

    Happy Mardi Gras, Chloe!!!

  6. Happy rez day, dude.


  8. Jeeez and I thought I kept mine quiet!!!!

    Massive great wolfie hugs and slightly belated rezday wishes and kisses to you my talented and wonderful friend. Next time, remind us with a big signpost in advance so we can all make a suitably big fuss about it please! :o)

    Oh, and I’ll do the same, I promise – LOL

    How come I keep missing you in world?! ;o)

  9. Happy rez day! 🙂 I’m so glad to have met you first through blogs and Flickr and then finally in SL.

  10. Oh Chloe! I didn’t know! I am so sorry to have missed it. Hugs and congratulations on your rez-day plus one. Next time – tell us!!!!!!

  11. Thanks, everyone 🙂

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