I’m sorry

January 25, 2008

I know I promised the next chapter on Kyūketsuki tonight, but I had the opportunity to spend time with Tobie.

I stand by the decision I made 🙂

I did manage to take some pics, so mostly what I have to do is actually write the chapter. I’m hoping it will be up late tomorrow afternoon.



  1. And you kept both of us up way past our bedtime. Shame on you! 😉

  2. I sincerely doubt that any of us would question that decision. Very vey happy to hear you got to spend some quality time together. Big wolfie hugs to you both.

  3. That’s OK, the waiting will only make the reading sweeter =). So, just curious, you take the pics first and then write the story based on the pics? Or do you already have an idea about the story before taking the pics?

  4. Bow chinka bow wow!

  5. Tobie: Yes, I know. And it’s not the last time I’ll do it 🙂

    Wolf: Thanks! I hate to disappoint anyone who might have actually been looking forward to reading the post, but I just can’t say “no” to cute little nekos with huge green eyes 😉

    Leilah: I always have an outline in my mind of where I want the story to go. In the first few posts, I’ve already set up some plotlines that won’t come to fruition for quite some time 🙂 Sometimes, the pics *do* have an influence on the writing, though. As I’m taking them, they’ll give me ideas on how to present the content of the story.

    Dirk: You have no idea :p

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