I <3 hard drive malfunctions

January 21, 2008

Nothing more enjoyable than spending countless hours reinstalling software and desperately trying to retrieve files 🙂

If it were going to happen though, I guess this is the best time for it. Cuts into my long weekend big time, though.



  1. time for a new computer.

    i suggest a mac.

  2. You know, I’ve thought about getting a Mac.

    You gonna front me the money, homie?

  3. Dirk Duettmann paid you 1250L

  4. 😦 Get a mac! It is worth the price!!!! Don’t be cheap like me and get the base MacBook, at the very least get the MacBook Pro, as I believe it can handle SL better, and it might have a better graphic’s card.

    Here are a few lindens to help you, 100L$ Yes Im cheap when it comes to my money! lol Anyway, hope your computer trubols disappear like items from your inv. lol Im off to pack for the first day of the semester!


  5. Funny, Dirk, my account doesn’t seem to show that deposit . . .

    Like I said, I’ve thought about getting a Mac, but it’s very low on my priority list right now. Too many other things that I need to spend my meager wages on 🙂

  6. I used to fix Macs to… everyone says they are so much easier… til they break and ya fix ’em the same way ya do a windows PC… now they even use the same hardware so it’s even more ‘eh….

    But I’ve fixed so many systems of all types it’s all kinda ‘eh by now… I just stick to Windows and Linux and build my own box with much better parts than I can get in a Mac…

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