Something I need remember

January 20, 2008

You’ll never have lasting happiness if you look for it from external sources.

I know it’s been stated more effectively many times in the past, but it’s something I need to make myself constantly aware of.

We have more control over situations than we often choose to exert.



  1. {hugs}

    Very true words, though not always easy to remember.

  2. All the really important stuff comes from inside us, but the outside stuff has great power too. The toughest part is taking control of lives, but happiness is impossible without that. Hope you are ok, whatever has reminded you.

  3. Sorry, I think I made this sound ominous, when it was supposed to be more of a message about taking control of ourselves.

    All that I meant is that happiness cannot come entirely from the outside. We have to allow ourselves to be happy.

    In effect, I’m trying to break myself of being so neurotic. To be honest, there’s a certain level of comfort in being that way, and I need to get beyond that.

    In effect, I won’t be happy until I prepare myself (and allow myself) to be so.

  4. As someone told me recently, happiness always comes from inside. Something can make us laugh or smile in a moment, but real happiness is totally down to ourselves, and it’s a very complex thing. It’s a sense of place, of respect, of balance and freedom, and of love of course. You are totally right about needing to allow yourself to be happy. There’s a Zen idea of appreciating and living in the moment, and we find it so hard to do, worrying about the rest, but it’s crucial that we do.

    The comfort thing is absolutely spot on too. We tend to stay in a comfort zone. We think we can anticipate potential dangers that way, even when we know that doesn’t work. Our minds remain active and questioning, whatever we do, and if they don’t have enough new stuff to process they will reanalyze all the old stuff and try to anticipate what might happen in future. Challenge yourself, expand, move, laugh, learn, love, express, meet, create, think.


    Happiness follows 🙂

    Just my very humble (if slightly impassioned) opinion, as always.

    It’s a shame it often takes a knock to remind us of this stuff, so I am very glad to hear that is not the case here 🙂

  5. Happiness is Dirk.

    The End.

  6. Def.! I have that same issue, but lately it is getting better and I can remeber more often!



  7. That’s true we do have more control.

    And FYI happiness ISNT Dirk…happiness is Keeley! You know it makes sense Chloe.

  8. Wolf: No, no knock brought this about. Just a mini-epiphany that came while I was on the elliptical, of all places 🙂

    Dirk: I was about to agree with you, but Keeley makes a strong argument. I think she’s swayed me 😉

    Adia: Yeah, remembering can be difficult at times. I can understand why people post motivational posters, though I still detest them 🙂

    Keeley: Indeed it does make sense! See my response to Dirk 😉

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