No, no, no, no, no, no!

January 17, 2008

So, I was in SL earlier tonight talking to my friend Keeley, when I received an IM from an avie I don’t know. Note that the name of the avie has been changed to protect his identity. Why I’m being graceful and giving him anonymity, I don’t know. Anyway, the first message was innocuous enough:

[2008/01/17 14:21] Misguided Avie: Why.. ‘ello..

OK. Could be someone just being friendly. It’s rare . . . but it could happen. Then the second message:

[2008/01/17 14:21] Misguided Avie let his eyes wander along the vampires delicious figure slowly.

OK, this is starting to head down the wrong path, but he’s obviously read Kyūketsuki. I decide to give him the benefit of the doubt.

[2008/01/17 14:22] Chloe Streeter: Hee-hee. I guess you’ve seen the blog?
[2008/01/17 14:22] Misguided Avie: Mm.. a bit..

And then comes the best line I’ve heard since “sex wiht me.” Note that the asterisks are my edit:

[2008/01/17 14:22] Misguided Avie: Tell me.. have you ever been f****d in a dark.. cold asylum?
[2008/01/17 14:22] Misguided Avie grinned.. his fangs protruding slightly over his lower lip.

This may surprise you, but I didn’t immediatly tp him and run off to the nearest asylum. I may regret it later, but it’s the decision I made, and I have to live by it. Instead, I responded thusly:

[2008/01/17 14:23] Chloe Streeter: OK, I think this conversation is over 🙂

To Misguided Avie’s credit, he didn’t say anything else to me. No insincere apologies. No angry outbursts. He just stopped talking, which I think was actually the most mature thing he could do.

I’ve been in SL for almost a year now, and I still don’t get why SL guys use approaches like this. Maybe I never will.



  1. I think they use this approach because it occasionally works. I rather suspect many would cringe to the point of implosion if they realised that most of those times the person behind the avie they are hitting on is another guy getting off on their own games!

    You handled this with a great deal of respect by the way. Very cool.

  2. Heeheehee…even though you already told me about this last night, it’s still funny to read it. =)

  3. hmm I should try approaching a woman like this… hmm on second though I would miss all the fun foreplay.

    Hey least I have to admit the guy is honest to what he wants and is very direct about it.

    You should of answered his question something like this: OK, I think this conversation is over 😀 …and too answer your question, Yes, but not in SL.

    haha but that would probably encourage him some more.

  4. Wolf: I wonder how many of them may actually suspect that possibility and just ignore it. I mean, their sexual exploits in SL are fantasies, and as long as nothing interferes with that fantasy, they don’t care. So, unless that avie mentions that his name is actually Paul, they will allow themselves to believe that it is a woman totally turned on by their inept advances 🙂

    Tobie: At the very least, a lot of these propositions for sex have been amusing. I mean, I’ll never forget (or fail to mention) the “sex wiht me” guy 🙂

    Gin: I actually respect that he didn’t try to act like he was kidding about the whole thing. I’ve had guys try to play it off like that before, and—LISTEN UP FELLAS—it doesn’t work! As gullible as you might believe us to be, we know you’d be all awkward smiles if we agreed to your advances.

    Oh, and there is *no* way I’d ever give that answer. I’d probably have a stalker on my hands 😉

  5. Please direct all future communications with said avatar to Dirk Duettmann.

    He won’t forget me.

    I really am that good.

  6. Bah Dirk gets all the sex crazed avatars..he’s such a skuto! 😉

  7. Dirk: Are dark, cold asylums your speciality? I thought you were more into inappropriate public humpings . . .

    Aka: He is their queen, you know 😉

  8. “Dirk: Are dark, cold asylums your speciality? I thought you were more into inappropriate public humpings . . .”

    I like to change it up now and again.

    Dark, cold asylum, blood oozing from the walls, and some strawberries and champagne.

    Doesn’t that put a zing in your panties/(manties)?

  9. Are you suggesting that I wear Manties? Because, if so, I want to know how you found out. That was *supposed* to be a secret :p

    *wonders how much of a bad idea it is to link to that site from her comments*

    I may be opening myself up to a whole new world of spam 🙂

  10. Oh I just wanted to make a comment about Wolf’s suggetion that of the women AV’s who are interested in sex are probably guys…

    I was watching my girlfriend play one day and I had to laugh because some guy actually asked if she was a guy.. I mean she is a hot sexy woman in RL and you go some suspicious guy tring to second guess things.

    It is not worth trying to guess if the AV you are interacting with is a guy or girl, just treat them as they wish to be, the apearance of their AV.

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