Got caught peepin . . .

January 12, 2008

I don’t know if it’s a matter of this has always been my nature or whether it’s conditioning brought on by inability to act while on dial-up, but it seems that I’ve turned into a bit of a voyeur. At least, I was yesterday.

When I logged into SL, the first thing I noticed was a fella walking around in an orange t-shirt and blue shorts. From the semi-transparent edges and the mismatched seams, I could tell that these clothes were made with the sliders. Add to that the fact that he was walking around with bare feet, an unshaded skin, and Linden hair, and it was obvious. He was a newbie.

I checked his profile. A rez date of 1/10/08. This guy was literally born yesterday.

Instead of saying anything to him, I quickly moved out of sight and put my camera on him. I watched as he opened the door to our house, went inside, and looked around. It reminded me of my very early days, when I would walk into someone’s home, not realizing that it actually belonged to a RL person. I would sit on their furniture, swim in their pools, and raid their kitchens. Yep, good times 🙂

A stranger in my house

Of course, our house is rather small, and it wasn’t long before he was bored with it. He soon came outside, enjoyed the view from the beach, and then flew off to bigger and better houses to invade.

With no other newbies to watch, I starting tping around the grid seeking out locations for Kyūketsuki. I ended up in a sim called “The Back Alley.” I had seen this sim come up in search before, but I never visited it because of some of the search words used in its description, such as “rape.” Getting frustrated in not finding exactly the setting I wanted, though, I decided to check this sim out.

When I tped into the sim, I noticed that there were two avies nearby. One was a female satyr. The other was just a normal-looking female avie. I didn’t pay them much attention as I began exploring the sim, looking for just the right spot for Kyūketsuki.

After walking around the sim for a while, I decided to look at one of the tallest, if not the tallest, building in the sim. I walked inside the building, and I decided it had potential. I began camming up through the floors to see what they held. When I got near the top, I once again saw the female satyr and her friend. The only difference was that now the female satyr was sporting a gigantic prim penis.

The scene was so bizarre that I *had* to watch it. And once I told my friend Dirk about it, I had to tp him in to see as well.

The two began trying out different animations on a sex bed that was in the room. They began with the female avie giving the satyr oral sex. The problem was that the prim member actually was above the avie’s head and kept banging on top of it during the animation. I feared the poor girl would suffer brain damage, or at least some type of neck injury. She seemed unphased, though, and they continued until the prim member . . . um, grew.

Yeah, the already ginormous phallus extended so that it was now a few feet long.

I’ll spare you the rest of the details, other than to say that they tried out a couple more positions until they were done. Within seconds, the female avie was fully dressed and ready to go. Dirk and I continued standing on the bottom floor of the building, laughing and joking about the whole spectacle. And then it came:

[2008/01/11 15:46] Female Avie: has you liked?

Yep, I was busted! The thing is, I didn’t feel bad about it. In fact, I thought the whole thing a lot funnier because I’d been found out.

I don’t know why I had no problems watching it. I generally respect the privacy of others. When I walk into an area and hear people making love in open chat, I usually move out of chat range. When I go into a store and witness a couple trying out sex furniture, I avert my eyes and go elsewhere. Yet when it comes to newbies invading my home or satyrs with gargantuan genitalia, I seem to be all eyes. There indeed might be something wrong with me 🙂



  1. :: Giggles.:: I can be the same way, sometimes, though I’m a bit worse. Since day one, I’ve always had my camera constraints disabled, and I have this insane kitten curiosity that usually ends up with me looking at all the lil dots on the map to see who’s there, what’s going on, etc. Usually if it’s a couple doing something, it’s just a mmh and move on type thing.. but when it’s something strange like that, it’s almost kitty nature to tilt your head with floppy lil ears, and try and figure out what’s so interesting or appealing with that particular act that people would do something like that.

  2. You big old peeping Tom you!! :))

  3. lol, I’m the mistress of the camera controls do to editing micro-prims and manipulating jewelry bits… So I tend to cam around all over… And if I’m bored I’ll watch almost anything… ^_-

  4. I categorically deny any involvement in this event.

  5. Katrina: That’s it! Kitty nature! I had no control—it was instinct 😉 It really was too strange *not* to watch, though . . .

    Aka: I can’t help it *points to Katrina’s explanation* 🙂

    Shadey: Well, I won’t watch just *anything* . . . apparently there has to be a shemale satyr involved. Mom would be so proud . . .

    Dirk: Pfft! You were there, and you loved it. Loved it! 😛

  6. I was very amused when you shared this story with me the other day…I’m a little surprised you decided to share it with the world. See, you’re not so shy anymore =)

  7. Totally…Dirk is ALL about the spying action he even took pictures!!! :O

  8. Tobie: Was I ever shy? I was neurotic and awkward, but I’m still that way 🙂

    Aka: This is actually the second time Dirk has pulled me into his peeping activities. He’s *such* a bad influence . . .

  9. You were a little shy, for sure.

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