Obligatory New Year’s resolution post

January 1, 2008

Happy 2008, everyone! I can’t believe we’re eight years into this decade now. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were on the verge of the dreaded Y2K and the end of modern civilization 🙂

Anyway, on to business. Though I wasn’t in SL for a full year (missed it by a little over a year), and though I was gone for much of the time due to the hardships imposed by the evil dial-up connection, I do believe that I am somewhat wise in the ways of SL and have an idea of what I can do in the next year to improve the Second Life experience. So, without further ado, here is my list of resolutions for the upcoming year (listed in no particular order):

1. Contact my friends more, if just to say “hi.” Yeah, there are some of you that I haven’t talked to in a while, and believe me, it’s not because I have nothing to say to you 🙂 It’s just a time management issue. Lately, I’ve either been working on projects and/or with Tobie, so I haven’t been that outgoing. One reason for this is that I’m never sure at what point to end a conversation. Will people be offended if I just IM them to do a quick check-in? Is that worse than not contacting someone at all? Well, if it is, you’re just going to have to tell me so. You’ll also have to let me know if I go on too long. I can do that on occasion 😉

2. Force myself to finish the things I begin. Within the first month or so of being in SL, I created a Maria costume (from Silent Hill 2) and started a Lisa costumes (from Silent Hill 1). I’ve always wanted to go back and tweak the Maria costume as well as finish the Lisa costume, but I haven’t. There are some other clothing items I’ve worked on as well that have been untouched in quite a while. I would like to finish this stuff not only to have it done, but also to improve my design skills, as I would like to be able to create some of my own items for Kyūketsuki.

3. Partner with the cutest neko in SL. As you probably know by now, I recently took the first steps in this process 🙂

4. Attend more social functions. What better way is there to reconnect with friends than to attend functions where many of them will be?

5. Have my arch-nemesis, the Communication window, eliminated. He’s almost always there, on my monitor, staring at me. I ask him if he might consider shrinking a bit so that I can see more of what’s behind him, but he refuses to comply. Instead, we fight constantly, as I move him from side-to-side, corner-to-corner. Somehow, he always manages to cover the spot I want to see. He’s like that incompetant supervisor you have to deal with at work—he thinks he’s doing a good job, but all he’s doing is making life more difficult for *everyone*. I don’t know how, but I’ll find a way to dispose of you, Communication window. Your days are numbered.

OK, that’s it. We’ll see how many of these I accomplish *crosses her fingers about number 5* 🙂



  1. All my best wishes for 2008. I hope you can accomplish them all.;)

  2. I keep telling you how to get rid of the Communication window, but you won’t listen to me!

    Ooh, attend more social functions…as Mrs. Streeter-Hush ;-D

  3. Happy new year to you Chloe 🙂 Great set of resolutions. As for the first one, I have the same problem. I often don’t IM people because I just want to say a quick hi and then get on with something, or else talk while I work rather than have a deep conversation that takes all my attention. So, if you ever want to IM me with a quick ‘hi’, you can be sure I shall understand 🙂

  4. Happy new year, Mrs. Streeter-Hush. 😉
    I should post my resolutions, but i’m still working on them…
    Good luck with yours, specially the 5th one.

  5. Looker: Thank you! I’m going to try!

    Tobie: But I want to tackle the Communication window inside the main SL viewer! I want to free us all from its tyranny . . . and stuff.

    Streeter-Hush? Does that mean that this blog will become Streeter-Hush Scene? Doesn’t seem to work as well 🙂

    Phoenix: OK, you have a quick “hi” coming the next time I see you in world. Seems that we’re never on at the same time, though :/

    Raul: Thanks! I will take the Communication window down, one way or another . . .

    Yeah, I’m all about the idle threats 🙂

  6. […] say sorry to my friends and explain to them the situation and try to have more time with them, as Chloe says in her post, maybe is just a question of time management, but so many things to do and so little […]

  7. Chloe, I’m the same as you and Phoenix on the first one, so feel assured that a quick hello is just fine by me. I find myself feeling a little awkward at times because I’m not sure if everyone involved is just extending the conversation because none of us knows how to politely disengage when we’re finished. LOL

  8. It can be hard to figure out just when to end a conversation. I try to give people opportunities with me, as I can ramble on for quite a while if others don’t set up some boundaries 🙂 Sometimes, I wish people would just say, “OK, you can quit talking now, Chloe,” but no one’s going to do that. Well, maybe Tobie, but she likes to be mean to me 😉

  9. Umm…who’s the one who repeatedly tells me that they don’t like me anymore? Hmm? =P

  10. Yaknow.. For #5 you can always just do what I did.. and separate the ‘near me’ window out of it, and use that stupid communication window just as an IM thingy. I have mine shrank down to at least half it’s original width, and alot shorter as well. You don’t need it up all the time, since there’s no reason to have it up if you aren’t in IM’s. Then it works out kinda like the old pre-communication window state.

  11. You can shrink the width of it? I haven’t been able to do that :/

    I pretty much keep mine up all the time, as it seems like I have Tobie or someone else in IMs a lot while I’m in world. Seems like I rarely talk to anyone face-to-face these days . . .

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