Shaping up Kyūketsuki

December 15, 2007

The protagonist, before transformation

I’ve been working on the shapes for Kyūketsuki, and I think I’m close to finalizing two of them. One of them is the protagonist, shown above. The other is the vampire matron (check out my Flickr stream to see her).

I’m considering contacting designers in world to see if any of them would be interested in sponsoring the blog. That way, I can keep the outfits, etc., varied without going broke 🙂 Plus, it would be an opportunity for the designers to get more advertising.

If you know any designers who might be interested or are a designer yourself, feel free to contact me about this.



  1. What I found to work with designers is writing a note for them on a notecard in-world and sending them out in batches… Then waiting to hear back from them.

  2. I sent out one notecard tonight to one of the larger vampire/gothic designers I know of in world. I was just going to send out one at a time until I got someone who was interested, but maybe I should send out a batch so that I’m not waiting forever for a response.

  3. Also a little know fact: Many ‘designers’ have sub-designers who actually do the work of making them… For instance Deviant kitties is a collection of designers who have a ‘spokesperson’ who does most of the outward work. This is handy because if you own some clothes you can contact the designer of that outfit rather than the head of the company… In my Deviant Kitties example I contacted one of the designers in the group whose work I’d liked in things I owned. They provided me with a collection of stuff to review…

    Anyways… Those are my tips from someone who has dealt with designers in SL… Also some designers are nice and have a concept of advertising and others don’t… sadly….

  4. I didn’t know Deviant Kitties had any designers other than Helyanwe. Huh. Maybe I should look further into the designer I contacted to see if he has anyone working for him. He does offer a *lot* of stuff, so it very well may be there are others working for/with him.

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