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December 14, 2007

When I switched to WordPress from Blogger, I noticed that in the new blog’s dashboard there was an option called “blog stats.” Here, I could find info on how many views my blog was receiving, from where people were being referrred, which posts were being viewed, etc. At first, I wanted to avoid looking at the stats, since I was afraid that I would become too concerned about how many people were looking at my blog or what they were looking at. The temptation proved too great, though, and it seems like I’m checking these blog stats daily.

In the blog stats, search engine terms used to access the blog are shown. I think it’s interesting to see what kinds of searches my blog is included in. In case anyone else is curious, here are the search terms used to find Streeter Scene from today and yesterday:


“my gigantic feet” 1
streeterscene 1
brown skin 1
sexy non nude 1
alexx-markova 1
“number twelve looks just like you” 1
victorianna castle 1
sexy pirate 1
love all the paine away 1
sexy waist 1


nude sexy girls 2
streeter scene 2
motorcycle club 1
motor cycle girls 1
the most romantic places in second life 1
SL+sex 1
neko case breasts 1

It’s great to see that some people were actually looking for this blog (the “streeterscene” and “streeter scene” searches), but “my gigantic feet”? Neko case breasts?

The search I love most is “nude sexy girls.” Someone found this site not once, but twice using those terms. I can’t recall actually ever blogging about nude sexy girls, and I have no idea—with all the sex sites on the internet—how this blog would show up high enough in the results for someone to find me this way. Either I’ve made some posts I don’t remember, or a couple of people have spent a long, long time searching for porn sites 🙂



  1. This is why I don’t want to know things like that… I’m scared I’ll find they really had no idea what my blog is about… Not that I know either sometimes, but…!

    Of course hits from my domain probably repeat several times a day as I random;y check sites when I’m bored at work… 😉

  2. hehe that alexx-markova one is me, i was googling myself and your blog showed up ^^

  3. :O You have gigantic feet!!!

  4. Motorcycle club? What the hell?

    By the way, Number 12 does look just like you.

  5. Shadey: I really think one of the benefits to Blogger is that it’s not so easy to check these stats. Since I know they’re there, I can’t help but look at them, and I don’t like that the numbers could affect (consciously or not) the subjects I decide to blog about.

    Alexx: I just Googled myself yesterday to see where all I showed up 🙂 Strangely, my old Blogger blog is first followed by this one. I can’t figure that one out, as I wouldn’t think it’s getting much traffic anymore.

    Raul: See, this is what bothers me! The search results give people the totally wrong idea! I, in fact, only have ONE gigantic foot. So misleading . . .

    Tobie: You didn’t know about the motorcycle gang I’m in? It’s called Outlaw Neko Riders. We pounce on people, drink their milk, and run off with their balls of yarn. Yeah, we’re bad 🙂 And I agree, Number 12 does look just like me, save for the aforementioned gigantic foot 😉

    Oh, and since no one commented on it, I guess you all think it perfectly appropriate that a search for “nude sexy girls” brings people here. So I finally know what you all think of me 😛

  6. LMAO!!

    Have you ever had any spam hit and get published on your blog? I set ours to require approval prior to posting but if you ever get any published, even briefly, that can generate all sorts of unwelcome traffic if google indexes it. Oh and you will get some now anyhow as you have added the term yourself! 😉

    The other thing is that one of your posts matches the words sexy and girl, but there must be billions of sites that do that 🙂

  7. Well, when I think of a “nude, sexy girl” I go right to you =)

  8. Awwwwww cute 🙂 🙂

    Just found this doing a google search, now sadly a defunct page, but note the page title:

    2007-11-19 14:05:23 streeterscene.wordpress.com. Yeah, the beautiful and talented October Hush turns one today! If you see her, make sure you wish her a …
    http://www.ropeller.com/tobieolder/ – Similar pages – Note this

  9. i think i figured out why your old blogger blog is still getting hits. when you leave a comment on other blogs and people click on your name from there, it sends you to the blogger blog, from there you can press the link you left in the last post of that blog to come here. mystery solved ^^

  10. Wolf: So far, I think I’ve been lucky, and no spam comments have ever been published. The spam blocker that WordPress uses seems to work really well.

    *notices the “TOBIE | FREE PORN” page that Wolf found and glares at Tobie*

    Anything you want to tell me, babe? 😛

    Alexx: Huh, that may be it. I guess I’ll have to quit leaving comments on Blogger blogs 😉

  11. Shit, that was supposed to be a secret.

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