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December 11, 2007

I have the first three installments of Kyūketsuki outlined (in my head), and I think I have an idea of what I’ll be needing for the first few posts. If you’re interested in any of these parts, let me know either through the comments, through e-mail, through Flickr mail, through an IM in world, or any other means of communication you can come up with 🙂

Just a bit of background info: The story will occur in the present day, though there will be flashbacks to past events. The lead character is a woman of mixed descent (Japanese and Caucasian) who was placed in an internment camp during WWII. While there, she met another Japanese-American and fell in love. Later, after they were released, the two begin to form a life together, but the male is attacked one night by a vampire and becomes one himself. After the two discover what has happened, she allows him to transform her into a vampire as well so that they may live together eternally. Unfortunately, soon after she is changed, her love disappears. After a long period of waiting for him to return, she vows to once again find him and devotes herself to that one task. Fast-forward to the present. Having never found her love, she settled with a vampire clan which at one time she believed might be able to lead her to him. Her role in the clan became that of assassin, and she is sent out to kill any vampire hunters of which the clan learns. The first installment will begin with her stalking one of these hunters. As she defeats the hunter and watches him dying, she discovers a recent memo written by none other than her love in the hunter’s possession. From here, her search renews, and she forsakes her clan in order to be reunited with her one true love.

Um, sorry about how lengthy that was. I just wanted you all to have a good idea of where I’m taking this.

OK, now for the characters. First, I’ll list some recurring parts. Whomever is interested in these would probably have to be available maybe once a week (maybe bi-weekly) for a photo shoot.

  • Vampire matron: I have yet to name this character. Anyway, she will be the leader of a vampire clan from which the lead character separates. After the lead character deserts the clan, she seeks to have her eliminated, as a rogue vampire assassin could be a liability to the security of the clan.
  • The lead character’s love interest: OK, I really need to come up with names for these characters soon 🙂 Anyway, he will be a Japanese-American male vampire. Early in the story, we will only see him in flashbacks, before he has been changed into a vampire.
  • Vampire clan members: I haven’t developed ideas for individual vampires yet beyond the matron, but there will be several. There will likely be at least one other major vampire assassin whose job it is to hunt down and kill the lead character
  • Vampire hunters: What would a vampire story be without those good-doers who seek out to exterminate them? The lead character will likely have several encounters with vampire hunters, as she sees them as holding the key to finding her love.

Non-recurring characters:

  • Background characters: Just characters to fill in and help provide the atmosphere.
  • Miscellaneous vampires: Some may be vampires whose lifespan in the story is very brief. Others may be just to fill in vampire crowds.
  • Vampire hunters: Yep, listing them again, because some won’t live beyond one post (e.g., the vampire hunter in the first installment).
  • Various monsters/demons/etc: These are all yet to be determined.

OK, that’s it off the top of my head. Seems kinda daunting, now that I have it written down. Anyway, if you are interested in participating, or if you’d just like more information before you make a decision, let me know. Also remember that this is SL, and you can play more than one character if you like, or you can play a character of the opposite sex. I’ll likely be filling in as other characters whenever the main character doesn’t have to be in a scene.I’ll probably provide shapes, items, etc., for some of the characters, but you’re also welcome to exercise your own creativity. I know that some people out there already have everything they’d need to fill one of these roles.

OK, that’s it. I’m hoping to get the first installment together in the next week or so, so please get ahold of me soon if this looks like something you’d enjoy!



  1. OHHH!!! I want to be the vamp matron!!!!!!! I have an awesome face lamp for dark things, and a great dress(I could find tons more), and jewerly!, hair! Me want!! lol, next semester I can’t really do much on Monday’s and Wendesdays because of my schedule, but I have a four hour break in between classes on Tuesdays and thursdays and no classes on friday!!

    BTW My store is open on OnRez!

  2. Sounds good Chloe. I’m still interested and happy to do whatever you need 🙂 I never know from one day to the next when I will be in, but if I have agreed to do something, I will be there.

    Btw, I may be asking the favour in return in the New Year as I have been mulling over an idea for a comic strip for a while now. Reading your posts about your story has spurred me on to actually do something about it 🙂

  3. I have the gear to be a hunter or a demon… I haven’t been a vamp in a long time in SL though…. So I’m not sure what goodies I have there… I also have some ‘magical’ gear in case you have need of that sort of thing… 😉

  4. Very interested in being involved in this project 🙂

    I’m happy to play anyone from the love interest to vampire hunters — oooh if there was a long running vampire hunter …. 😉

    Anyhow, yeah count me very much in, and I am sure we can sort out times I can be available for whatever you need me for. I’m happy to work with whatever you want to define for the character and/or putting some work into developing suitable look and feel for it.

  5. Again, Chloe, i’m here if you need me.

  6. What, no role for a cute little neko medic/dj? 😉

  7. Ooh I have various other guises if you need them, such as a rather fun demon avatar I made 🙂

  8. I’m up for anything. I don’t really have any cool costumes for paranormal stuff, but I don’t mind shopping for a good cause. 😀 I can definitely do goth though if that works for your brand of vampires.

  9. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I’m going to work on shapes, props, etc., while I’m in world. I plan on providing everything you need for your character (or characters). I mean, I can’t ask you to spend your own lindens on my project 🙂

    I’ll likely bug some of you in world when I see you, and maybe we can get together and figure out what character(s) you would like to play and what they should look like. I’m not opposed to having you appear *as yourselves* if you want, as we can find a way to work you into the story (so yes, we can have medic nekos, Tobie!).

    And Phoenix, I would be more than happy to help you out with your comic! Just let me know what you need!

  10. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am more than happy to use my own lindens towards anything you need me to get for my character – it will save me buying another boat – LOL – long running joke 😉

  11. As Wolf says, for my part, i can spend some L$ in the project if my character needs some clothes or something.

  12. Awwww, thanks guys, but I can’t have you spending your money on my project. I’m sure you need more, um, boats and stuff 🙂

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