Clockwork kittens

December 11, 2007

Dancing for the first time in months (note Myg on the left side of the pic)

Last night, Tobie and I went to Clockwork to listen to Alex’s (DJ keTchUp’s?) set. I had the chance to see some people I haven’t seen in a very long time, and I saw some people whose names I knew but had never met in world. Unfortunately, I got a little intimidated by their talking about music (I am ignorant when it comes to most music and have nothing intelligent to offer), so I was mostly quiet while there.

Anyway, I fun dancing with my kitten for the first time in ages. And next time I’m around the cool kids, hopefully I’ll have a little more to say 🙂



  1. awww, Chloe, don’t let the music snobs keep you quiet (me included). You can talk about anything you want–music or otherwise and you’re always welcome. It was great to see you two! And the only person’s music we make fun of is Hawks, and that’s because he subjected us to Phil Collins the other day when he left the stream on random after his set. :p

  2. p.s. Cool Fall t, Tober!

  3. Hee-hee 🙂 Thanks, Alex! Tobie and I will have to stop by again sometime soon.

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