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December 10, 2007

Apparently, I’m going blog crazy today! This should be the last one . . . emphasis on the “should” 🙂

If you look at my links, you may notice a few changes. Aside from all the Rezzed.net stuff, I have added a few links and taken a couple away.

One of my very best friends has started a new blog called A.K.A….Tripping through SL one stiletto at a time... If you think the title is a mouthful, just wait until you read her stream-of-consciousness, can’t-stop-for-a-breath style of writing! 🙂 Seriously, though, she’s an awesome, awesome lady, and I’m so glad she’s trying out the world of blogging!

Although I added it a while back, it’s worth pointing out that Ryker Beck’s blog is now on my blogroll. Many of you will recognize her name from Flickr, where she frequently displays her talent. Check it out 🙂

I’ve also added AMBUSH to my list of Fave SL designers. AMBUSH is owned by Faye Gelfand, whom some of you may know from CoLA. I bought my first outfit from AMBUSH tonight, and it’s really cute (might add pics later)! Plus, the blog just looks really nice. I wish I knew how to customize mine like she has . . .

As for the links I’ve taken away, well, both were blogs by Tiana Merriman, who doesn’t appear to be in SL anymore (at least, she didn’t come up when I just did an in-world search). I don’t know what prompted her to delete her blogs and (apparently) her SL account, and I guess it really isn’t any of my business. Just know that if you stop by, Tiana, I hope you’re doing well.



  1. hahah I know I so need to stop and rambling and put in some paragraphs haha! So glad you’re back online! 🙂 xx

  2. Chloe, You will find the ‘formerly known as Tiana’ at this link now

    and welcome back Chloe, you’ve been missed 🙂

  3. I swear one of those Ambush models is going for a bit of a Tober look… With the hair, whiskers, lip rings, and parts of the shape (the boobs are just completely untoberish)…

    Just had to say that… ^_^

  4. Annie: Well, I read the whole post and liked it. I just wanted to breathe for you the whole time! And I don’t think I need to mention how happy I am to be back and able to talk to you 🙂

    dinee: Thank you! Obviously, I’m thrilled to be back 🙂 And I’m glad to see that Tiana hasn’t just disappeared off the face of the grid. It’s always worrisome when one of us disappears without a trace :/

    Shadey: I believe you’re referring to Briony. I think she probably looked *more* like Tobie until she switched to her new skin. Anyway, she’s a cool kitty who roleplays in CoLA, and I know that she has roleplayed in Midian, though I don’t know if she does anymore.

  5. indeed tiana did dissapear, her avie at least but her typist did stay in second life in a new form to learn new lessons and attain new goals.

    it touches me that you worried about her/me though. thank you ^^

  6. Well, I’m just glad to hear you’re still around and apparently OK 🙂

    I think bloggers are like a family in a way, so it’s scary and sad when one disappears.

  7. Awwwwwww…… *so flattered that she got a shout out!* hehehe *much love* ❤ 🙂

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