December 9, 2007

Promo image for the new blog

I’ve been looking forward to doing creative things in SL for a while now, and since I’m back, I’m going to push myself to actually working on them.

My first project is going to be a fiction blog devoted entirely to one storyline. The story follows a young woman who willingly becomes a vampire to be with her beloved after he is bitten and transformed into one himself. Soon after her own transformation, the woman’s love disappears without a trace, and she vows to find him once again. The story will focus on various themes, such as love, humanity, redemption, evil, and some others I haven’t thought of yet 🙂

The format of the story will be similar to what you’ve seen in Myg’s Met a Stranger series, with images from SL illustrating the story. This new blog will *only* be for storytelling, though, so each new post will be a new chapter of the story.

So, that’s it. If you want to check out the blog (there’s not much there now), click here.

I’ll be looking for people to use in the story, so if this sounds interesting to you, let me know 🙂


  1. Sounds and looks highly intriguing. I’ve subscribed to the new blog and eagerly await the first chapter. I’d also love to be involved if I can help in any way.

  2. That sounds like fun… If you want to use me in the story, I’d be glad to play along.

    ::hmmm:: I wonder if I have any costumes I can use… 🙂

  3. Wolf: I’d love to have you as part of the new project! I definitely will be able to use you! 🙂

    Veyron: Um, I think you have *plenty* of good costumes to use, and it would be fantastic to have you in the storyline! Shouldn’t be any problem at all to fit you in 🙂

  4. I’m only interested if a cute little leopard-spotted neko swoops in to save the day.

    And everyone gets muffins.

  5. Sounds exciting Chloe. I am so happy to see you throwing yourself back into SL 🙂 If you have any place in the story for a neurotic redhead, let me know 😉

  6. ohhh… I heard muffins… *looks around and pouts not finding any*

    Anyways… You can count me in on the zaniness… Between weird sporadic bouts of building and roaming Midian to check up on gossip… 😉

  7. Tobie: I don’t know. You wouldn’t let a cute little redheaded neko save the day in Midian 😛

    Phoenix: If I have a place in the story for a neurotic redhead? Um, do you realize whom you’re talking to? 😉

    Shadey: I’ll make sure I come up with a schedule that fully accomodates periods of Midian roaming and gossip gathering 🙂

    Anyway, let me just say that I love you guys! Really, you are all *so* awesome. I’m *very* excited about doing this, and I feel more motivated than I have in a while.

    What I will probably do is outline a few episodes and then contact people to see if they’re interested in any of the parts I need. The cool thing is, since it’s SL, anyone can play any part and any number of parts! A new identity is just a shape and skin change away 🙂

  8. “Tobie: I don’t know. You wouldn’t let a cute little redheaded neko save the day in Midian ”

    That’s totally different! The story was already written and you know it. Your story isn’t written yet, so nyah!

    Muffins anyone? I have blueberry, raisin bran, and everyone’s favorite: chocolate chip.

  9. Being a fan of revisionist history, I think the inclusion of said redheaded neko would have been acceptable.

    Hmm . . . did I make that statement before? I just got a huge sense of deja-vu.

    *snatches a blueberry muffin and nuzzles up to her kitten*

  10. mew! =3

  11. Loving the idea, Chloe! And if you need me, just IM me!

  12. Cool, Raul! I’ll get in touch with you soon! 🙂

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