Very brief SL rant

December 8, 2007

After being on SL for much of the day, I logged off a little while ago in order to eat. I said my goodbyes to the people with whom I was chatting and started to log off. As soon as the logging off screen came up, I heard the ding ding that signals a new IM. The thing was, I couldn’t see the IM because I was on the logging off screen, but since I was still technically logged in, the IM didn’t get sent to my e-mail.


Anyway, if you happen to be the person who attempted to contact me, I’m sorry you didn’t catch me. It’s not that I saw your message and decided to log off without saying anything :/



  1. I’ve had that happen to me before, so I know how incredibly frustrating it is. I’ve also had IMs that have apparently come through as I was crashing that I never knew about. Perhaps SL should email you IMs that arrived within the minute before you logged off.

  2. Yeah. I think at the very least it should forward any IMs the second you choose to quit the program.

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