Counting down

December 1, 2007

It has been over five months since I lost my broadband connection and have been forced to eke by with dial-up. Now, after months of frustration (and frequent complaints), I am just days away from once again having a broadband connection. Yes, by the middle of next week, I will return to SL and actually be able to do things! That is, unless something totally unexpected happens . . . but I surely haven’t built up that much bad karma 😉

So, for all those people whom I have threatened to bug when I return, consider yourself warned 🙂



  1. *pounces on Chloe and keeps her for herself*

    *hisses at anyone who tries to approach*

    *licks Chloe’s face while purring loudly and swishing her tail back and forth happily*


  2. *watches cautiously for a moment and decides to wave and shout “Yayyy!!!” from a safe distance*

  3. /me decides to join Wolf and be on the safe side, whilst waving and cheering at the return of Chloe 🙂

  4. /me was going to request that her name be added to the “people to bug” list, but she’ll just introduce herself to Wolf and Phoenix and join them in waving.

  5. Hiya Brandy. No need to introduce yourself, I already read your blog too 🙂 Feel free to join us over here in safety. I’m sure Chloe will get around to bugging us just as soon as Toby has finished with her!

  6. YAY!!!!! lol /me runs back before Tobie attacks.
    I can’t wait t actually meet you! lol Cheers!

  7. Ohh it would be lovely to catch up with you lady! It’s been AGES! A xx

  8. You have been tagged!

  9. I will look out for it!!! Great news.
    I wanted to tag you also, but I see code beat me to it.;))

  10. Yay! Life without broadband is like life without ice cream. You can live without it, but why would you want to. Hugs!

  11. Awww, I love you guys!

    Bugging will commence soon!

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