Welcome back, Windlight

November 18, 2007

OK, everyone knows this by now, but Windlight is back in Second Life! I, for one, am thrilled at its return!

The return of Windlight is special to me not just because of the impressive skies and water that come with it, but also because it reminds me of the night that Tobie and I celebrated our first month together. That night was the first time I used Windlight (I think I downloaded it after I crashed in the middle of our date and then relogged using it), and it helped to create some of the most special pictures I’ve ever taken inside SL.

Are you looking at my bum? Cheeky monkey

Should make for beautiful skies whenever Tobie and I *finally* have a party on our land 🙂



  1. *purrrowr!*

  2. Those clouds are sexy, aren’t they? 🙂

  3. Not only the clouds, Chloe 😉

  4. DAMN I think i have the suck-est (haha) computer ever! I can’t get super nice skies like that on my computer. I get the basic version of Windlight and that means no reflection on water. *waterfall tears*

  5. Raul: Yeah, the water is kinda sexy, too 😛

    Adia: Awww, I’m sorry 😦 I hope you can upgrade someday to get the most out of Windlight. Last weekend, I had to log in briefly to do something using just the regular client, and it just seems so *blah* now . . .

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