Highlights from the last three nights in SL

November 9, 2007

OK, so after my absence, I’ve been in SL for three consecutive nights. I think looking ahead to broadband really rekindled my interest in the platform. Of course, being able to talk with Tobie the last three nights hasn’t hurt, either 🙂

I previously posted about our sixth monthiversary, but there are a few other interesting/important/inane 😉 things that have happened over the last few days. Here are the highlights:

  • I rediscovered my love of SL shopping. Dial-up makes it a very slow process, but I still enjoy it (probably too much). I just hope I don’t become a spending machine once it’s easy for me again 🙂 Anyway, recent purchases include two dresses from Edelweiss (love the EGL designs—Moeka Kohime is awesome!), hair from Fizzies, and a new skin from Snowflake Skins.
  • I had my first newbie sex encounter in quite a while. He danced over to me (yes, he was in a dance animation the entire time, even though he was at a store and not a club), said “ola,” and proceeded to strip down to his underwear. Technically, he never asked for sex, but I thought it was pretty obvious where it was heading so I decided to log off 🙂
  • I reconnected with my friend Dirk. I think the last time I had spoken to him was mid-October. He’s a good friend who has been there for me in the past, plus our conversations often turn into good blog posts 🙂 I’m happy I’ve been able to talk to him again, even if he does try to challenge me a lot on my views, etc.
  • I finished an anime shape I started weeks ago (see below). I’m growing more and more interested in experimenting with the SL sliders and coming up with shapes. I’m happy with how my anime shape turned out, so much so that I may wear it for a while. I’ve been considering designing a lot of things in my time in SL, and now I’m seriously considering trying to create shapes to sell. It’s a lot of fun to see an idea for a shape come together 🙂
  • Anime Chloe

    I think those are all the high (and low) points. Oh, one last thing. Last night I crashed a lot (after SL having been relatively stable for a while), and it interfered with some of the conversations I was having. I have to apologize if you were trying to talk to me last night and I wasn’t holding up my end of the conversation (I’m looking at you, Gin). I don’t know if it was just on my end, but SL was very frustrating last night (couldn’t tp, trying to deposit money for SL Exchange resulted in it being lost, etc.). Hopefully, that won’t persist.



    1. “I decided to create an anime shape, and I’m happy with how it turned out, so much so that I may wear it for a while.”

      *sighs* Does this mean I have to wear a tentacle-suit when we have sex now?

    2. Oh . . . my . . . God. This is why I can’t take you places :p

    3. Great anime shape.. hmm look forward to seeing images of you and tenticle Tober hehe.

      Hmm that must be odd to have some guy come up to you and start striping. Strange how newbie’s mind work especially when it comes to sex. A move like this might work if you were standing around the nude beach, but in a store where you are shopping? Did he at least say hi? You are too polite to just quit hehe.

    4. >Great anime shape.. hmm look forward to seeing images of
      >you and tenticle Tober hehe.

      Don’t hold your breath, buddy 😉

      As for the newbie, he did say “ola,” which I’m assuming was “hello” in his language (I know that “hola” is “hello” in Spanish). Believe me, this isn’t the worst attempt at seduction I’ve seen in SL (how sad is that?).

    5. haha.. hmm maybe his seduction tactic works on some ladies.

      Hmm it is interesting how different the experience of being a newbie is… not only do noobs look differnt but they acti different.. they have yet to change under SL’s social pressures to conform.

    6. I really wonder how new some of the newbies are. I mean, if you’re only in SL for quickies, you may never put the effort into developing your avie, so you’ll always look (and act) like a newbie.

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