Half a year together

November 7, 2007

As of yesterday, Tobie and I have been together for half of a year. Half of a year! It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, which I’m sure is at least partially due to my being on dial-up. I don’t know what to say that I haven’t before. I’ve found my SL match, and I’m thankful for all the time we’ve had together so far and the time we’ll have in the future 🙂

Spending our sixth monthiversary together

For the first time, we didn’t worry about getting presents for one another, content to just spend the night together. Plus, I don’t think any present could have been better than the news I gave Tobie—in all likelihood, I’ll have broadband again soon, possibly even by sometime next week! Yep, I found a job, and I’m moving! 😀

So . . . all this will likely reinvigorate me and get me involved in SL again. Sorry for my recent slackdom 🙂



  1. Woo Hoo!!!!! Yay, Chloe!!!! That’s the best new I have heard in ages. Congratulations indeed. I am so happy for you and, needless to say, not just because of SL. I can imagine how hard these last few months have been for you, in so many ways and I am delighted to hear that things are looking up at last. {big hugs}

  2. Brilliant news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    /me races round in happy circles chasing his tail and grinning like the mad wolf he is

  3. Wonderful news Chloe! i’m so happy for you!

  4. Very VERY good news, Chloe ! I know how frustrating it can be to want to do things and unable to due to technologie… and I do hope this also means we will read from you a lot more often now !!! Ok, so we can give you a grace period of one week, for you to update all those urgents tasks you left undone, hehehehe

  5. Congratulations for both items!!
    Great news, that you have found a job and will have broadband again.
    Looking forward to see you again inworld.

  6. I sooo can’t wait to have you back for real again! =)

  7. Congratulations!! Party when broadband?

  8. Woo Hoo!! A fast connection… glad you will be able to enjoy Chill’in in SL like the rest of us. Gratz on the job and how exciting.. moving!!

    Wow a half a year together in SL.. that is like ages!!!

  9. Thanks everyone *so* much! The last several months have been a mixed lot. On the one hand, my relationship with Tobie has grown over that time, which has made me very happy! On the other hand, I’ve dealt with many months of joblessness and dial-up, and I unfortunately succumbed to frustration on several occasions.

    I’m not sure when I’ll get broadband, as finding a place close to where I’ll be working isn’t quite as easy as I would have thought. At the very latest, I predict I’ll have broadband by the end of the month! 🙂

    And yes, *huge* party when I’m back! There are *so* many things to celebrate! 🙂

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