Big events approaching

November 4, 2007

There are two big events coming up for me, and I’m not talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas (though I’m looking forward to them as well). No, the big events are in Second Life (hence why I’m posting about them here) and both involve your favorite sickeningly cute (j/k!) neko and mine, Tobie 🙂

The first event occurs on Tuesday. What happens Tuesday, you ask? Why, only my and Tobie’s sixth monthiversary! Yah, six months! From all accounts, that’s a *long* time for an SL relationship. I credit the fact that she doesn’t have to be around me much due to my months of dial-up 😉 Anyway, I got to see her on Friday night, which was great, and I’m going to log on Tuesday as well. Of course, I’ll be on dial-up, so we won’t be able to go out or anything, but we’ll at least get to be together.

I bet you’re wondering what the second event could possibly be, aren’t you? If not, why are you still reading? 😛 OK, enough suspense—on November 13, one week after Tobie and I celebrate six months together, Tobie will be one year old! Yes, it’s her first rez day! Of course, I plan on spending that with her as well. It bothers me that I can’t throw a party for her or anything, but we have to deal with things the way they are :/ If you’re online that day, don’t forget to send her a “Happy rez day!” IM 🙂

Hopefully, spending this time with Tobie will reinvigorate me and give me some things to talk about here. I do have a few things on my mind, so I’ll try to post about them soon.



  1. /me rushes over to give Chloe a big hug.

    Welcome back. Wolf and I were beginning to get worried about you. Good to know that you are still out there. I hope your upcoming celebrations go well. I am sure Tobie will appreciate your company just as much, if not more, than a party.

    Thank you so much for the comments on my blog. It’s nice to know someone still reads it LOL I hope that, like me, you will find a new motivation soon. I know your problems have been very different to mine, but a solutions will present itself eventually, I am sure. Feel free to get in touch anytime you want to talk/moan 🙂

  2. It is amazing you are still together mainly because you do have dial-up hehe.. you two must have something special.

    I never even though about something as such as a “Happy rez day!”
    Hmm I have no clue the day I was first rezzed hehe.

    Wow.. 1 year!!!

  3. *blushes*
    I had a feeling you’d post about my rez-day, too.

    Phoenix: I would love to have a party, but I would want Chloe to be there, too. I don’t know if I’d really be able to enjoy the party without her there.

    Gin: It’s really, really difficult to not be able to do the things we want to do together, plus we don’t see each other as often as we really want to (which would be daily, or close to it). So, every moment we get to spend together while she’s on dialup is precious (and often quite frustrating, unfortunately!).

    Also, you can find out your rez day by going to your profile…it’s on the first page 😉

  4. Congrats!!!!!

  5. Phoenix: I was really happy to see you posting again, and I hope you continue to share your thoughts and SLife on your blog! We should meet up in world soon after I get broadband again 🙂

    Ginseng: We’ll see if she can still stand me when I’m back for good 😉 I may end up wishing for the days of dial-up after she tires of me . . .

    Tobie: Of course I had to let people know when your rez day is. And since I’m going to be back soon, maybe a party isn’t out of the question . . .

    Adia: Thank you! Maybe we’ll get the chance to meet up soon since I’ll be coming back 🙂

  6. Awwww… that’s a rare case, no doubt !!! Can only wish that within six months we are all here congratulating both of you again 😀 And yes, it all has to do with connecting… at each own’s pace 😛 (yes I know u were speaking about technical issues, lol)

  7. Thanks, Sand! 🙂 I hope that everyone (including my beautiful gf) is here in 6 more months to help celebrate with us 🙂

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