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Welcome back, Windlight

November 18, 2007

OK, everyone knows this by now, but Windlight is back in Second Life! I, for one, am thrilled at its return!

The return of Windlight is special to me not just because of the impressive skies and water that come with it, but also because it reminds me of the night that Tobie and I celebrated our first month together. That night was the first time I used Windlight (I think I downloaded it after I crashed in the middle of our date and then relogged using it), and it helped to create some of the most special pictures I’ve ever taken inside SL.

Are you looking at my bum? Cheeky monkey

Should make for beautiful skies whenever Tobie and I *finally* have a party on our land 🙂


Happy, happy rez day, Tobie

November 13, 2007

Yeah, the beautiful and talented October Hush turns one today! If you see her, make sure you wish her a happy first rez day!

Oh, and if you don’t think you’ll see her but want to send rez day wishes all the same, you could always leave a comment on her blog. 🙂


Is there anybody . . . out there?

November 12, 2007

Alone in the dark

Humans are social animals. We thrive on our relationships with other people, whether they be the flesh and bone person sitting next to us chatting about who was voted off Dancing with the Stars or the virtual person using the “yay” gesture to make us laugh (I’m a big sucker for that one). We care so much about our standing with others that we will purposefully do things that harm ourselves if we see a social benefit arising from it (how many times have you worn uncomfortable shoes because they *looked* good?). That said, we have different levels of susceptibility to social pressures, forcing some to be uber-cognizant of changing dynamics in social relationships (whether or not they’re actually there) while others remain surprisingly ignorant of the pressures surrounding them.

I think at its core, Second Life is a social networking tool. I’m not willing to call it glorified chat (as a certain person in my past was heard to say all too often), but I believe that the majority of SL users log in to connect with other people, with a minority using it primarily to make money or create art. The problem is, we all have different levels of social interaction we seek from SL. I have gone from spending a godawful amount of hours on SL to using it just a handful of hours a week (of course, the all-too-oft mentioned dial-up connection plays a role in this). Some log in only occasionally, perhaps to check in on that friend made while out exploring a month or so ago. I believe that some people rely on SL as a very important—perhaps primary—means of social interaction, and I think when that is the case, there is almost always going to be heartache :/

Perhaps the largest problem is one of accessibility. Many of your SL friends you are only going to be able to contact when that person is actually logged into SL. If you’ve managed to develop a friendship/relationship beyond that, you may have the person’s e-mail addy, Yahoo or MSN ID, or MySpace/Facebook page. Still, all of these options require the person to be online and logged into his or her account. Of course, some of you probably know SL friends in RL or have the RL person’s phone number, etc., but at that point, I don’t think it’s really an SL relationship anymore.

A huge pitfall for many of us is to lose sight of what all this is—a second life. I know that has been a problem for me in the past. I’ve spent hours wandering, bored out of my mind, yet unwilling to log out of SL. I felt the need to talk to someone, but no one I knew was around. All that I accomplished was wasting a *lot* of time that could have been spent doing other, more productive things. I mean, I could have even spent the time building, designing, etc., in SL instead of walking around with no real goal other than to have a friend pop up on my list.

I think the point of me posting all of this is that I’ve seen so many of us get frustrated with SL. We feel that our friends are ignoring us, no longer care about us, have forsaken SL, etc. The thing is, if we trust them enough to call them friends, we should also give them the benefit of the doubt. Our commitments to SL vary and so will our expectations. If you see a friend online who hasn’t talked to you in ages, don’t immediately think that person no longer wants to be your friend. There can be any number of reasons why you haven’t received an IM from him or her, one of them quite possibly being that he or she is sitting there wondering why you aren’t sending IMs . . .

If you find that you aren’t getting the support/interaction/etc. you desire from your friends, either take the lead and try to develop the relationship further or find additional friends. There is no limit to the amount of friends we can have on our list. At least, I don’t think there is. If there were, I’m sure Codie would have hit that ceiling long ago (just kidding—I love you, Codie!). Remember, this is a second life. It’s something that should enhance your real life, not be another source of anguish. It just bothers me to see so many people letting what happens or doesn’t happen on the grid have such a negative impact on them. Sure, we all let it happen sometimes. Just be careful that it doesn’t become a detriment to your RL well-being.

Another bit of unsolicited advice from your friend Chloe 🙂


Spam comments

November 12, 2007

Anyone else been having a lot of spam comments on your blog posts?

Luckily, WordPress has caught all of the comments and prevented them from being posted, but I still have to look through them to make sure they’re spam, which is a nuisance.

Though if any of you are really interested in some internet porn and aren’t able to find it on your own, let me know, and I’ll be sure to hook you up with the offending posters 😉


Highlights from the last three nights in SL

November 9, 2007

OK, so after my absence, I’ve been in SL for three consecutive nights. I think looking ahead to broadband really rekindled my interest in the platform. Of course, being able to talk with Tobie the last three nights hasn’t hurt, either 🙂

I previously posted about our sixth monthiversary, but there are a few other interesting/important/inane 😉 things that have happened over the last few days. Here are the highlights:

  • I rediscovered my love of SL shopping. Dial-up makes it a very slow process, but I still enjoy it (probably too much). I just hope I don’t become a spending machine once it’s easy for me again 🙂 Anyway, recent purchases include two dresses from Edelweiss (love the EGL designs—Moeka Kohime is awesome!), hair from Fizzies, and a new skin from Snowflake Skins.
  • I had my first newbie sex encounter in quite a while. He danced over to me (yes, he was in a dance animation the entire time, even though he was at a store and not a club), said “ola,” and proceeded to strip down to his underwear. Technically, he never asked for sex, but I thought it was pretty obvious where it was heading so I decided to log off 🙂
  • I reconnected with my friend Dirk. I think the last time I had spoken to him was mid-October. He’s a good friend who has been there for me in the past, plus our conversations often turn into good blog posts 🙂 I’m happy I’ve been able to talk to him again, even if he does try to challenge me a lot on my views, etc.
  • I finished an anime shape I started weeks ago (see below). I’m growing more and more interested in experimenting with the SL sliders and coming up with shapes. I’m happy with how my anime shape turned out, so much so that I may wear it for a while. I’ve been considering designing a lot of things in my time in SL, and now I’m seriously considering trying to create shapes to sell. It’s a lot of fun to see an idea for a shape come together 🙂
  • Anime Chloe

    I think those are all the high (and low) points. Oh, one last thing. Last night I crashed a lot (after SL having been relatively stable for a while), and it interfered with some of the conversations I was having. I have to apologize if you were trying to talk to me last night and I wasn’t holding up my end of the conversation (I’m looking at you, Gin). I don’t know if it was just on my end, but SL was very frustrating last night (couldn’t tp, trying to deposit money for SL Exchange resulted in it being lost, etc.). Hopefully, that won’t persist.


    Half a year together

    November 7, 2007

    As of yesterday, Tobie and I have been together for half of a year. Half of a year! It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, which I’m sure is at least partially due to my being on dial-up. I don’t know what to say that I haven’t before. I’ve found my SL match, and I’m thankful for all the time we’ve had together so far and the time we’ll have in the future 🙂

    Spending our sixth monthiversary together

    For the first time, we didn’t worry about getting presents for one another, content to just spend the night together. Plus, I don’t think any present could have been better than the news I gave Tobie—in all likelihood, I’ll have broadband again soon, possibly even by sometime next week! Yep, I found a job, and I’m moving! 😀

    So . . . all this will likely reinvigorate me and get me involved in SL again. Sorry for my recent slackdom 🙂


    Big events approaching

    November 4, 2007

    There are two big events coming up for me, and I’m not talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas (though I’m looking forward to them as well). No, the big events are in Second Life (hence why I’m posting about them here) and both involve your favorite sickeningly cute (j/k!) neko and mine, Tobie 🙂

    The first event occurs on Tuesday. What happens Tuesday, you ask? Why, only my and Tobie’s sixth monthiversary! Yah, six months! From all accounts, that’s a *long* time for an SL relationship. I credit the fact that she doesn’t have to be around me much due to my months of dial-up 😉 Anyway, I got to see her on Friday night, which was great, and I’m going to log on Tuesday as well. Of course, I’ll be on dial-up, so we won’t be able to go out or anything, but we’ll at least get to be together.

    I bet you’re wondering what the second event could possibly be, aren’t you? If not, why are you still reading? 😛 OK, enough suspense—on November 13, one week after Tobie and I celebrate six months together, Tobie will be one year old! Yes, it’s her first rez day! Of course, I plan on spending that with her as well. It bothers me that I can’t throw a party for her or anything, but we have to deal with things the way they are :/ If you’re online that day, don’t forget to send her a “Happy rez day!” IM 🙂

    Hopefully, spending this time with Tobie will reinvigorate me and give me some things to talk about here. I do have a few things on my mind, so I’ll try to post about them soon.