Friday night felines

October 8, 2007

I started off my weekend on broadband on Friday afternoon. After being on dial-up for so long, I was amazed at how much more quickly I could accomplish things on broadband. Of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised, as I was going from 56.6 KB/sec to 10 MB/sec. But still, when I downloaded the latest SL viewer—which takes about 1 1/2 hours on dial-up—in under a minute, I was a little in awe.

Once the viewer was downloaded, I logged into SL. I actually felt spoiled by being able to walk around, shop, teleport, etc., with little-to-no lag. I was even able to overlook the SL issues we had over the weekend (and there were a few) because I could once again *do* things in SL other than stand and exchange very laggy IMs.

Not long after being in SL, Tobie logged on. She was on her lunch break at work and decided to spend it with me (yay!). We didn’t have much time, but I enjoyed being with her on broadband for the first time in a month. After she logged off, I did a little exploring and talked to a few friends. All the while, I was trying to think of what to buy Tobie for our monthiversary, which was on Saturday. Wanting to get her something she could actually use, I decided to see what I could find in Midian.

I knew that Tober didn’t like using guns, so I search for a cool, non-firearm weapon. As I was shopping, a little nervous about buying the wrong thing, Lindsay Noonan ran across me. Lindsay is one of Tobie’s good friends in Midian, and if you’ve looked at Tobie’s photostream very much, you’ve likely seen a pic of her. We’ve been wanting to meet each other for a while, but my connection had always prevented that previously. It was great to finally meet her, and to make it even better, she helped me pick out a present for Tobie! 🙂

Ginseng and Lindsay

Later, as we were talking, Ginseng stopped by. Ginseng is on my friends list and we had exchanged IMs in world before, but I had never met him face-to-face, so it was great that I was finally able to do so.

Ginseng and . . . hmm, who is that gray tabby?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see Tobie again on Friday, so we didn’t get together again until Saturday night. I’ll cover our night together and my final moments of broadband in my next post 🙂

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