Everybody hurts

October 3, 2007

So, what’s up with the blogosphere recently?

I recently checked Nebulosus Severine’s blog to find out that she’s not updating it anymore. No explanation other than what is said in the previous post, “My life is a fucking failure.” 😦 I then go on to check other people’s blogs and find so many bloggers who can no longer see their purpose in SL, are having relationship issues in SL, are feeling lonely in SL, and/or are just fed up with the platform. I’m getting the same sentiments from people in world as well, as a friend recently told me that he’s having a hard time finding a reason to log in.

I don’t know if it’s the time of year, the VAT (for European SLers), the state of the grid, or just a coincidence that so many people seem so disenchanted with SL right now. Perhaps if I weren’t so limited in my SL usage, I might be feeling the same way.

I just hope no one makes any rash decisions because of being in a slump. It may sound strange, but there are people I have never met in world, whose Flickr pics I’ve never commented on, and whose blog posts I’ve never responded to that add value to my Second Life and whose absence saddens me. Nebulosus was one of those people. Her “Look What You Made Me Do” image at the Salon Du Disruptif really had an impact on me. Maybe I should have verbalized that to her. Anyway, I’m leaving her in my blogger links in the hope she resumes posting.

In the words of Michael Stipe and REM: “Everybody hurts. Take comfort in your friends.” Yeah, it might be cheesy of me to quote that, but I mean it 🙂



  1. For us Europeans, I guess this only happens because Autumn has come and soon there will be nothing but Winter around us… *smiles

    But it’s no doubt another stage of life, as we grow up – maybe meaning our childhood in SL is coming to an end, and that we have to find our way of being adults in-world ?

    Wish I knew… but it’s no doubt the end of an era somehow 😦

  2. I would have to say I look forward to SL… I personally found Midian City in SL to be the place I most in enjoy when I am logged in. In RL I tend to be the guy who plays it safe, avoids conflict and is the one to play the peacemaker, but when I go to Midian, it is a great challenge and exciting for me to do the oposite.

  3. Good post Chloe and yes it seems like everyone around me is hurting in one way or another.I spend a lot of my time inworld consoling someone or another over their relationships gone or going bad. I too seriously thought of dropping the blog as I have nothing happy to say anymore, hence the new travelogue.. it gives me something to think about rather than wallowing in self pity over something that wont change.
    (well.. ok… i still wallow.. but I’m not leaving.. yet)

  4. i know personaly right now i’m sad because i see my sl social life turning a lot like my rl one. when coming to sl i thought i would have a better chance and that things would be different but they arent really.

    also i think a lot of people are feeling discouragement because of what linden lab has been doing to sl. with all the changes they are doing its hard to feel like LL isnt sabotaging their own game that we so love

  5. Thanks for another cool and provocative post my feline friend 🙂

    I feel an enormous empathy with so many of these bloggers, having been there myself on far too many far too painful occasions, and am deeply concerned for a few friends that I know are suffering deeply at the moment. For myself, I hope that you won’t mind if I post something here that is a little more positive about my own seeming absence.

    I’ve not been blogging much lately, or had the chance to be in SL as much as I would like, but in my case (for once) it is because I am really busy with work in RL. Not always fun work but I am getting paid for it and am about to whisk Phoenix off for a much needed holiday.

    When I have been able to get into SL, it hasn’t had the same edge it used to – less thrill and more humdrum as time goes on, but that’s true of growing up in any life.

    I still love building and scripting. I have nearly finished my city market build and had great fun on it, and I now have an amazing waterside plot (that Phoenix and I have owned jointly and apart pretty much since she joined) to build on again and have all sorts of great ideas.

    It’s getting on for two years since I joined SL and things have changed a lot in many ways and hardly at all in others. It’s a far bigger world now, in real estate and people, and it feels very different, more generalised and more like RL every day, but there are still people building stunningly different places like Straylight and Grendel’s Children (to name but two on my list to see – LOL).

    I know Linden are adding all sorts of stuff we aren’t sure we want, but I clearly remember a world that was struggling at the thought of having flexi prims and local lighting! You also pretty much expected not to be able to move in any sim with more than 15 people in it, and a crash or relog at least once an hour was pretty much the standard. Their priority is still far too strongly in favour of new gadgets rather than fixing the old ones, but it’s a hell of a lot better than it used to be!

    On the downside, human interaction in SL has hardly changed for the simple reason that people don’t and that they fail completely to recognise how vulnerable they are in SL. We also tend to all be incredibly open and intimate with comparative strangers in our blogs, as you have recently discussed. As a result we very much wear on our hearts on our virtual sleeves and share our pain that way. It does also seem to be a seasonal thing, and it tends to get worse (in the northern hemisphere at least) from now till spring as all sorts of depression and irritability kicks in. It will pass though, and most will bounce back. I am due my own crash around January time but I am most determined to miss that too for once 🙂

  6. I had thought about seasonal influence, but as someone who loves autumn and looks forward to its coming, I wasn’t sure if it might be a factor or not. I mean, Halloween’s almost here, and who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s the one time when it’s (somewhat) socially acceptable to dress up and act like kids again 🙂

    I guess I’m fortunate right now that things are going smoothly in my SLife (much moreso than in RL). On Saturday, Tobie and I will have been together five months, and I love her as much now as I ever have 🙂 My only real complaint is that because of where I’m at in RL, I can’t spend the time with her or with friends that I would like to.

    Anyway, I feel for anyone who’s having a hard time of it now. If I can help in any way, I’m just an IM away.

  7. Oddly enough, I just commented on the same sort of thing I’m going through myself. I am not sure it’s so much the platform as much as expectations of the environment and the people. Our expectations are not always being met, just like in the real world. In the real world, you can’t just log out and walk away, like you can in Second Life.

    I try to deal with this sort of funk by moving on to new and different things in Second Life. Trying not to get stuck in a rut. So, like Midian City for some of you, I’ve wandered into City of Lost Angels….



  8. I’ve thought about trying out COLA. I know a couple of people who RP there through Flickr.

    By the way, that demoness look *really* works for you! Awesome!

  9. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment. I have fun playing the demoness in CoLA. I’m looking forward to their moving to a new full Sim. I’ve even seen a few demon Neko’s in the brood. They’re pretty interesting, to say the least.

  10. I’ve heard that they’re planning on moving COLA to a full sim for a while. I’m curious as to when they’re going to do it. I’m very interested to see how much it changes with that much more area to work with.

  11. The rumors I hear is that it will move by Halloween. The sim is on the maps and there have been screen shots of it posted. It will be nice to have more room and more avies in the sim at once.

    I heard of several other improvements to the sim.

    The down side is that since there will be no adjoining sim to it, you will have to TP in. Thus the trick of tp’ing to the next door sim, and then trying to walk in when it’s full won’t work.

    I am wondering what they’ll do with the old space.

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