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Where in the world is Chloe Sandi . . . err, Streeter?

October 22, 2007

As I suspected, my weekend of broadband greatly diminished the appeal of dial-up SL, so I haven’t been in world much recently. In fact, I think I’ve logged in only 3-4 times during the past two weeks, and two of those times were very brief.

Since I haven’t been in SL, I haven’t had any SL-related topics to discuss, so this blog has been kinda dead (as if you couldn’t tell). Same goes for my Flickr account.

Anyway, I’m going to try to reinvest myself in SL soon, so check back, and you may find something of interest here. Emphasis on the “may” 🙂

Love you all!


Saturday into Sunday

October 12, 2007

As happy as I was with everything I was able to do on Friday (spend a little time with Tobie, explore, and get within 15 meters of meeting Brandy Rasmuson!), things only improved on Saturday.

During the day on Saturday, I was able to talk to my friend Annie, whom I’m sure you’ve seen mentioned on this blog or pictured in my Flickr stream, if you’ve looked very deeply into either one. Annie was one of the earliest friends I met in Second Life, and I still consider her one of my closest, even though we don’t get to talk all that much. Having the opportunity to talk to her without lag was great, and it made me realize how much I miss being able to do so (we *have* to meet up again soon after I get back, Annie!). She’s also uber-talented and sings in a great band called Toe’d Up, and if you ever get the opportunity to see them perform in world, I highly recommend you do so!

After I talked to Annie, I believe I did some exploring. Or I took a nap. Anyway, I found some way to fill my time 🙂 I also went to go see my friend ColeMarie perform. Cole’s a real sweetheart, and I’m happy when I can support her in world—something I haven’t been able to do in a while because of dial-up. While at the concert, I crashed, plus I was having problems with the audio stream, so I didn’t get to stay until the end.

Later, Tobie logged on, and we finally got to spend a lot of time together. When she came in world, I was at ETD looking around (it has changed a *lot* since I last shopped there). Tobie thought she’d come and try out some styles, but she really didn’t find anything she thought suited her. After a quick stop home to change, we started our date exploring Octoberville.

If you’ve looked at Eppie’s blog or Natalia’s blog, you probably have seen Octoberville mentioned. As you might guess by its name, it’s a Halloween/horror-themed build. I had a lot of problems there, partially due to the fact that I had zoomed my camera in with Ctrl+0 and forgot about it, so it was hard to see in the small areas of the build (of which there were many). Also, there is some kind of game/contest to the build (which I didn’t read about before entering), so there were a lot of people typing in chat attempting to find the clues, which hurt the experience.

A big, disembodied eye is stunned by Tobie’s beauty

I had been to another horror build, Ueno Shinrei Hospital, the day before after learning about if from a blog post by Eppie, so Tobie and I gave up on Octoberville and tped there. This build was really cool, as it reminded me of a blend of Silent Hill with Japanese ghost stories. It is built by Moeka Kohime, whose shop Edelweiss I recently discovered (I *love* the Alice in Wonderland dress I bought there—it’s the best I’ve found in world). Out of all the horror builds I’ve been to in SL, I would have to rank this one the best, though I’m still waiting for one that *really* scares me.

When we left the horror hospital, Tobie and I went to Dutch Touch. Tobie was determined to buy me a monthiversary gift (oh yeah, Saturday was our fifth monthiversary—yay!), so I allowed her to buy me an outfit, but I made her pick it out 🙂 There wasn’t a real threat of getting anything I wouldn’t wear, as all the Dutch Touch stuff is great (check it out if you haven’t already). I *really* like what she bought me, and you can see it if you scroll down a bit (I wore it later in the night, after Tobie logged off). I’m such a spoiled kitty 🙂

I believe it was at this point that Tobie and I tped back home. I think this was also the time that she tried on the free skins she got from Evian (not sure about this—she may have tried on the skins before we went out). If you’re interested in the skins (which come with shapes and a bottle of Evian as well), you can find them here. Credit to Looker Lumet for the info about the skins and the SLURL. Anyway, for the first time, I saw Tobie in a human skin. I was unsure how she’d look, as her shape seems *so* made for her neko skin, but she turned out to be totally beautiful in a human skin as well, so much so that I may have to convince her to try wearing it a little more 🙂

Adorable in any skin

At this point, Tobie and I started our alone time, so um, now I have to be intentionally vague. Let’s just say that we had a great evening.

It was very late when Tobie finally logged off, and I really, really, really didn’t want to let her go. It had been such a great night that I didn’t want it to come to an end. My kitten was tired, though, and I reluctantly said my goodbyes and let her go to bed.

After Tobie left, I began thinking about things and wandering the grid, as I often do when I’m alone. I think I talked to Codie for a bit during this time, but I don’t think my heart was much into conversation. So, I tried to think of places I wanted to see before I logged off. Not to make it seem too gloomy, but it kind of felt like someone with a terminal illness. Gah, that seems much too grave now that I’ve typed it, but it will have to do :/ Anyway, I knew I had a limited amount of time, so I wanted to fit in as much as I could.

I remembered that when I talked to my friend Annie, she mentioned that she was working on a haunted house. I told her that I really wanted to see it, and later, during the time I was logged off, she sent me the landmark. I had planned on taking Tobie there, but I totally forgot it, so I went by myself.

Annie’s haunted house was cute, and actually contained some of the items I’ve seen in the bigger builds. I didn’t take many pictures, though I did get this one of me and a bottle of absinthe, which I liked.

Debating on whether to steal some of Annie’s absinthe

After leaving the haunted house, I visited the City of Lost Angel’s. I have been there a few times before, and I think a few of my better pics were taken there. It seems like every time I go there, regardless of the time, it’s always incredibly busy. I wandered the streets, trying to avoid interrupting the roleplay of everyone else while snapping a few pics.

On the streets of the City of Lost Angel’s

After I was satisfied with the number of pics I took, I traveled to Straylight. Though I had been to Straylight twice before, I really never had a chance to explore. Kriss really has received a lot of attention and accolades for the build, and it really has become one of the special areas of SL. Along with Koreshan, I think it’s going to be one of those places I love to visit just to take in the scenery and think.

Sitting in contemplation

While in Straylight, I sent an IM to Sand, whose blog I’ve recently been visiting and who you may have seen commenting here. The way she writes is very interesting, and I recommend you check out her blog if you haven’t yet 🙂 Maybe next time I’m in world we’ll get to meet face-to-face.

Finally, I tped back home to finish out the night. While there, Raul logged in, and I started a conversation with him. Raul is a great guy who I got to meet one night at the Super Fun Happy Club while it was still around (can’t wait to see Arahan’s next installation—Warholla, I think). I admire Raul’s talent and his generosity, and spending my last moments of broadband speaking with him was a terrific way to end my weekend.

I don’t know when I’ll have broadband again. A lot of that depends on things finally falling into place in RL. This weekend will help me keep going for a while, though. The only downside is the harsh readjustment to dial-up (I haven’t been in SL since Sunday). Eventually, I’ll be back, broadband or not 🙂


Friday night felines

October 8, 2007

I started off my weekend on broadband on Friday afternoon. After being on dial-up for so long, I was amazed at how much more quickly I could accomplish things on broadband. Of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised, as I was going from 56.6 KB/sec to 10 MB/sec. But still, when I downloaded the latest SL viewer—which takes about 1 1/2 hours on dial-up—in under a minute, I was a little in awe.

Once the viewer was downloaded, I logged into SL. I actually felt spoiled by being able to walk around, shop, teleport, etc., with little-to-no lag. I was even able to overlook the SL issues we had over the weekend (and there were a few) because I could once again *do* things in SL other than stand and exchange very laggy IMs.

Not long after being in SL, Tobie logged on. She was on her lunch break at work and decided to spend it with me (yay!). We didn’t have much time, but I enjoyed being with her on broadband for the first time in a month. After she logged off, I did a little exploring and talked to a few friends. All the while, I was trying to think of what to buy Tobie for our monthiversary, which was on Saturday. Wanting to get her something she could actually use, I decided to see what I could find in Midian.

I knew that Tober didn’t like using guns, so I search for a cool, non-firearm weapon. As I was shopping, a little nervous about buying the wrong thing, Lindsay Noonan ran across me. Lindsay is one of Tobie’s good friends in Midian, and if you’ve looked at Tobie’s photostream very much, you’ve likely seen a pic of her. We’ve been wanting to meet each other for a while, but my connection had always prevented that previously. It was great to finally meet her, and to make it even better, she helped me pick out a present for Tobie! 🙂

Ginseng and Lindsay

Later, as we were talking, Ginseng stopped by. Ginseng is on my friends list and we had exchanged IMs in world before, but I had never met him face-to-face, so it was great that I was finally able to do so.

Ginseng and . . . hmm, who is that gray tabby?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see Tobie again on Friday, so we didn’t get together again until Saturday night. I’ll cover our night together and my final moments of broadband in my next post 🙂


Brief weekend recap post

October 7, 2007

Just a quick post about my weekend before I spend time to write a much more in-depth post later . . .

It was *so* great! Not only did I get to spend time with Tobie, but I got to speak to quite a few others in world, some of whom I had never spoken to before. Also, I got to meet one of Tobie’s good friends from Midian, and she’s now the latest addition to my friends list 🙂

My weekend of broadband may be over, but it’s enough to tide me over for a while, though I’m going to hate, hate, hate going back to dial-up now! I’ll be back later with the longer post I promised, plus I’ll be uploading some pics to Flickr, including a pic of Tobie in a human skin! And just in case you were wondering, she’s adorable in it as well 🙂

Be back soon!


Everybody needs somebody to love

October 5, 2007

OK, I promise that this will be the last post I title using a song lyric that includes the word “everybody.” Well, at least for a while.

I’m closing in on my weekend of broadband goodness, and not surprisingly, I’m pretty excited about it. I mean, who wouldn’t be thrilled to get to spend time with her:

*purrs happily*

Anyway, maybe I’ll run across some of you this weekend. Feel free to say, “hey,” if you see me. If not, I hope everyone enjoys her or his weekend! 🙂


Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend

October 4, 2007

Yep, the weekend is almost upon us again. But this isn’t just any weekend. No, no. This weekend, I’ll actually have broadband!

YAY (yay)

I’m really looking forward to it. This will be the first time in about a month that I’ve had access to broadband. Like last month, it’s only for a weekend, but I’ll take what I can get 🙂

I’ll have my connection from early Friday afternoon (EST) through sometime on Sunday. Tobie and I may have time together late Friday night, and we’ll hopefully get to celebrate our monthiversary together on Saturday. The timing is really fortunate 🙂

I’m still trying to come up with something to do on Friday while Tobie’s not on. Any suggestions?


Everybody hurts

October 3, 2007

So, what’s up with the blogosphere recently?

I recently checked Nebulosus Severine’s blog to find out that she’s not updating it anymore. No explanation other than what is said in the previous post, “My life is a fucking failure.” 😦 I then go on to check other people’s blogs and find so many bloggers who can no longer see their purpose in SL, are having relationship issues in SL, are feeling lonely in SL, and/or are just fed up with the platform. I’m getting the same sentiments from people in world as well, as a friend recently told me that he’s having a hard time finding a reason to log in.

I don’t know if it’s the time of year, the VAT (for European SLers), the state of the grid, or just a coincidence that so many people seem so disenchanted with SL right now. Perhaps if I weren’t so limited in my SL usage, I might be feeling the same way.

I just hope no one makes any rash decisions because of being in a slump. It may sound strange, but there are people I have never met in world, whose Flickr pics I’ve never commented on, and whose blog posts I’ve never responded to that add value to my Second Life and whose absence saddens me. Nebulosus was one of those people. Her “Look What You Made Me Do” image at the Salon Du Disruptif really had an impact on me. Maybe I should have verbalized that to her. Anyway, I’m leaving her in my blogger links in the hope she resumes posting.

In the words of Michael Stipe and REM: “Everybody hurts. Take comfort in your friends.” Yeah, it might be cheesy of me to quote that, but I mean it 🙂