September 27, 2007

Soon after moving my blog to WordPress, I discovered that I could easily check my blog’s stats, such as how many views it received in a day, what sites were linking here, etc. I really didn’t like that I could check this info, as I don’t want to get into the pitfall of worrying about numbers. I would rather remain blissfully ignorant than to sit here wondering why twice as many people visited my blog last week than this week or whatever 🙂

That said, because of being able to check out the blog stats, I’ve found that some people had linked to my blog without me ever having even known about theirs. As silly as it may seem, it’s made my day whenever this has happened. These links to my blog came without the expectation of reciprocity (though everyone who has linked here has been very cool and I’ve been happy to add to my own links). I have to believe that those who linked here actually *liked* something I had written and thought it worthwhile to direct others here (and if I’m wrong, I’ll direct you back to my “blissfully ignorant” comment 😉 ).

Um, anyway, I just wanted to say thanks not only to those people who have recently linked here, but also to everyone who actually comes back and checks in on my ramblings from time to time. I love that there are people who not only appreciate some of what I write but also are willing to comment and work through some SL concerns with me 🙂

OK, that’s it. Now go away 😛


  1. I love reading your blog and make it part of my daily reads! I’m dieing to meet you in SL!

  2. Thanks, Adia! We’ll have to meet up once I get broadband back 🙂

  3. I only read your blog because you’re my girlfriend, and you might say something about me in it.

  4. That’s OK. You’re the one person whose approval I don’t care for 😛

  5. I admit that I’m way behind with my blog reading, but yours is one of those blogs that I can’t just set to “read” in my GoogleReader without actually reading the posts before. So, I’m late, but I’m here 😉

  6. I know how it is, Timothy. Reading blogs can be *very* time consuming, especially one with long-winded, rambling posts like mine 🙂

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