My weekend of broadband

September 12, 2007

I’m a little late posting this for several reasons, but I’m finally back to talk about my weekend of broadband after over three months of being stuck with dial-up. If you weren’t aware that I was on dial-up, well, apparently you haven’t been reading this blog, as I mention it constantly 🙂

Anyway, because I was housesitting for a friend, I was able to have broadband access from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. Though my time with a good connection was limited, I tried to do my best with what I had.

My first task was to visit the Cannery to see everyone’s artwork, especially the pics of Tobie’s that were on display. While in the romance section, I ran across this pic, which brought back really good memories of when Tobie and I celebrated our first month together:

One of my best SL memories 🙂

Later, Tobie logged on, and we were able to celebrate our fourth month as a couple. I really wanted to go somewhere with Tobie, as we haven’t been able to go out in so long due to my connection. The problem was, neither of us could come up with a good place to go (yeah, we really didn’t plan well). We finally decided to go to Straylight, as I hadn’t seen much of it during my previous trip on dial-up. Unfortunately, Straylight ended up being really laggy due to its popularity. We had decided to leave when I noticed that my friend ColeMarie was nearby, so I wanted to say “hey” to her before we tped out. After a brief conversation (and a few pics), Tobie and I moved on to the second part of our date.

Tobie, ColeMarie, and me

Next, we went to Svarga. I had been to Svarga before, but I never did much exploring. Tobie and I went on the tour and then did a little sightseeing on our own. We ended up in one area in which we were just floating around with stars above us (can’t remember what it was called). While there, I even got hit by a meteor 😮

Tobie in Svarga

After Svarga, Tobie and I returned home to check out the gifts we had bought each other. Tobie bought me a bikini, since I said I didn’t have a good swimsuit, and she also bought me some other clothing, which I modeled for her 😉 I bought her a beach blanket to put on our land that has a bunch of couple’s animations in it. OK, so maybe that gift wasn’t entirely for Tobie 🙂

Tobie and I spent the rest of the night together on our land. It was a great evening, and I can’t wait until I can spend more evenings such as this with her ❤

On Saturday, Tobie was busy in RL, so I was left to entertain myself. I did a bit of exploring, which I thoroughly enjoyed. When I first started SL, much of my time was spent just going from place to place and seeing what the platform had to offer. I loved doing that again. Also, I did a bit of shopping, which is an infinitely better experience with a good connection. Shopping with dial-up is a very slow process, and sometimes it can take hours to buy just one item (typing that makes me realize how insane I am for trying it). It’s so much nicer to be able to see what is available in several shops in the same time it takes for *part* of one shop to rez with dial-up.

The biggest thing that happened on Saturday was seeing the land to our east being bought and transformed into a mall. It was very disappointing to see happen, and it really bothered me to think how upset it would make Tobie. I actually tried to be somewhat assertive and talk to the owner, but the conversation really didn’t have much of an effect. It’s a good thing that Menno, Jez, and Haver were around later to convince the mall owner to move out. I still don’t know how they did it, but I’m *so* glad they did. I think the mall really would have diminished the enjoyment we would have gotten out of our land.

I was on SL late into the night on Saturday and into Sunday morning, finishing out my time on broadband. Like I anticipated, the return to dial-up hasn’t been easy, but I know that eventually, I’ll be back on broadband for good. It’s strange to think that I’ve been using SL almost as long with dial-up as I have with broadband at this point :/


  1. Wow.. sounds so romantic.

  2. The place we were floating around and you got hit by a meteor (which was very funny, by the way) is called the “Ambipod.”

    It was a wonderful evening with you, hon. I wish I could have spent the next day with you too =(

  3. Ginseng: It was. Of course, any time I get to spend with Tobie is special 🙂

    Tobie: I would have loved to spend Saturday with you as well. Maybe we’ll get more time together when I have broadband next 🙂

  4. /me starts a “Full-Time-Broadband for Chloe” fund

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