Yay for Haver, Jez, and Menno!

September 10, 2007

I don’t know how they did it, but this trio of awesome avies managed to convince the mall owner to move out of our sim! It was *so* great to log in and see the land next to us bare!

Now, if they could just convince the castle owner to the south . . . 🙂



  1. Oh wow! That’s excellent news!!

    So did Haver buy the parcel?

    “Now, if they could just convince the castle owner to the south . . . ”

    You mean BOTH castle owners to the south =P

  2. I’m not sure if Haver bought the parcel or not. I checked the land, and it’s owned by a group that has Haver, Jez, Menno, and Aemilia in it.

    And, yes, it would be nice to convince both castle owners, but I’m most concerned about the one that has ruined our view :/

  3. Sorry to hear that things have changed after you bought the land. I sincerely hope that the two of you find the peace again, in the land that was supposed to be so restful.
    Where you not informed by the landowner, that everyone could put whatever they like on this SIM? Hopefully the castles will move also!;))

  4. We knew that there weren’t any restrictions about what people could place on the land, but there were already such cool people there that we hoped we could get a good group in before someone tried to put in something like a mall. I’m just really happy that things worked out.

    As for the castle, even though it is an eyesore, it at least won’t cause the lag the mall would. Plus, I think we would have ended up with a lot of newbies on our land because of the mall. The castle is definitely the lesser of the two evils, and I think we can ignore it for the most part, even though it does ruin our view to the south.

  5. Yeah, unfortunately the castle owner cut a hill in half (literally) to put the castle in, so not only is there a castle there, but the landscaping around it looks stupid. The owners are only a month old =P

  6. ❤ We ruled.

  7. Hee-hee, yes, you did 🙂

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