I should have made that last post earlier . . .

September 9, 2007

So, someone has purchased the land between my and Tobie’s land and Menno’s. I talked to her tonight to find out what her plans are.

It wasn’t enough that we have a huge castle to our south. Now we’re going to have a mall to the east. Not only a mall, but one complete with camping chairs.


I told the owner my concerns about having a mall next door complete with camping chairs, expressing to her that we used our land as residential land and that I was concerned about lag. She assured me that her other mall didn’t cause lag, and I will admit that I went to the mall and it didn’t seem laggy. Still, there are some huge concerns. For one, the camping chairs are going to attract newbies. Newbies are obviously inexperienced in SL and won’t know proper ettiquette, like *don’t* come over and go through our house, use our furniture, etc. I hate ban lines—I mean *absolutely* dislike them—but what other options are there if we get a bunch of people invading our land?

And this had been a such a good weekend . . . :/


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