Short people got no reason to live?

September 6, 2007

I think by now we all know that avies in SL tend to be much taller than their RL counterparts. It’s not uncommon to see women who are well over 6 feet tall when the average height for American women is around 5 feet 4 inches tall (162.5 cm). When I made my avie, I wanted her to be a decent representation of the RL me, and by pure luck, I actually got her close to my RL height (I’m 5 feet 7 inches tall and she was 5 feet 8 inches). I was satisfied with that, and my avie’s height remained unchanged . . . until recently.

One thing that has bothered me about my avie for quite a while is that it always seemed that her legs were too long. Some days, I thought she looked OK, but other days, I just thought she looked freakish. I finally decided to shorten her legs in order to make my avie more proportionate, and in the process, she dropped 3 inches and now stands 5 feet 5 inches (note that all these measurements are taken using those height measuring prims you can get for free in world).

I was short by SL standards before, even though I was above my RL height and the average height for RL women. It was rare to find someone as short or shorter than me, and now I’ve made that even less likely.

So why is all this blog worthy? It seems like it should be a non-issue, and I think it would be, if it weren’t for the threat of being accused of playing an underage avie. Of course, the preoccupation with underage avies has died down since late spring/early summer, but all it takes is another news story for the witch hunt to begin again.

Once, during a visit to Toxian (yes Tobie, I’m telling this story again), I was accused of playing an underage avie by someone affiliated with the sim (don’t remember how) and told to “grow up” before leaving the entry area. When another guy began talking to me and offering to show me around, the same person who told me to “grow up” proceeded to warn me through IM to be careful around the guy because he was probably a pedophile. Why else would he be talking to an obviously underage avie?

The thing is, this was when my avie was 5 feet 8 inches and was in no way intended to look like a minor.

Though this isn’t something I’m *terribly* worried about, the way that the Lindens react to “offensive” things in world does concern me a bit. When the next witch hunt breaks out, what’s to say that I won’t end up getting caught in it? It’s incredibly unlikely, but given the voracity of some of the people involved in the witch hunts, I won’t claim it’s entirely out of the realm of possibility.

I’m pretty happy with my avie now. I think that she looks more *right* to me than she ever has. I have no desire to make her abnormally tall just so that she fits in better with SL at large. I really hope that I don’t get pressured in the future to do so.



  1. When I first came to SL, I maxed out my AV’s height.. hey there are a lot of amazon ladies walking around and I felt the need to be taller then them, plus it just seemed normal to me since in RL I tend to be taller than most people.

    When I made my cat AV, I decided to actually make him a bit smaller than usual, it seemed like a lot of the neko’s I met in Midian were smaller than usual… but small being around 6 feet. So now in Midian for the most part I am a bit taller than the average neko, but outside of Midian, as a cat, I am short and when I dance with most ladies, my feet float above the ground.

    I personally do not know why most ladies make tall AVs since in my opinion shorter ladies are more attractive, but I think that is because for the most, oposites attract.

    What is my point.. I am not sure hehe.. but I agree with you.. Height in SL is strangly an issue. It will be interesting to see with your new height if many of the animations balls will no longer work for you as well.. that is you will be floating in chairs or dancing, etc… I think most of the animations are set up for the average amazon public.

  2. You have reason to be concerned, hon. My friend Civlet, who is 5’4″ in SL and does not appear underaged, has been banned from parcels for being, essentially, too short. Even at 5’7″, my avatar is considered quite short (although I’m even shorter in RL, at 5’4″) and I do worry sometimes if I will get harassed. The flip side of that is, it all depends on your social circle. In Midian City, many (if not most) of the neko females are of a realistic height; my height or shorter. There’s some tall ones, but they are the exception, not the norm.

    On another note, believe it or not, I own the 45 of song referred to in your post title. I’ve had it since I was *ahem* little 😉

  3. Ginseng: I hadn’t even thought about poseballs and how my height might affect them. Of course, Tobie and I rarely use them off our land, and we can always modify their positions there. It’s also fortunate that Tobie is near my height 🙂

    Tobie: I really hope it doesn’t become an issue. At least I’m not with some tall male avie, so maybe that will help. It’s unfortunate that your friend was banned because of height, but thinking about it, that’s what happened to me, in effect, at Toxian. I didn’t enter the city because of what was said, and I’ve never returned :/

    Hee-hee, and I was going to try to make you feel old by acting like I didn’t know what a 45 was, but I think I’ve teased you enough recently 🙂

  4. Hm.. Know what.. I’m shorter them all of you! ::Giggles.:: I’m actually as short as I can be.. I like short. My avie’s short, sure, but it’s also very obviously mature.. I don’t go ’round wearing kid’s clothing.. if that’s even an option.. ::coughs, cuz she doesn’t wear clothes:: and .. well, I don’t act like a kid.. I’ve never had a problem with it, that I know of. ::Shrugs a bit.:: I don’t change my height for anyone, never have, never will, as I’m too satisfied with the way I look.

  5. You’re not short, Katrina, you’re adorable 😉

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