Second Life Horror

August 7, 2007

Today, I created my very first Flickr group for horror images taken in SL. The group is umimaginatively titled Second Life Horror. I’m hoping that it becomes a showcase of the best horror SL has to offer. Maybe it will keep me from complaining about my disappointment with Silent Hill builds (see below).

So, if you’re in Second Life, you have horror pictures in your Flickr stream (or you have any interest in horror pics), and you have nothing better to do, you should join. You can find the group here.

By the way, this is the one-hundredth post I’ve added to this blog. A rather meaningless milestone, but yippie anyway 🙂



  1. just wanted to say…did you see this was your 100 post! i think this is another milestone for you ^^

  2. I just love horror places!! For example Devil’s Labyrint is absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Tiana: Yep this was the big 1-0-0 🙂 This has been the week of milestones for me. I guess it gets boring for a while after this 😉

    Eppie: I’ve heard of Devil’s Labyrinth, but I’ve not visited it. I’ll have to check it out when I get a chance 🙂

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