August 5, 2007

Today and tomorrow mark two milestones for me.

Six months ago today, I logged into Second Life for the first time ever, not realizing how addicted I would become with our virtual little world. It wasn’t the best time in my RL, as a long-term RL relationship dwindled towards its inevitable end and I sought something to take my mind off of that and the pressure of writing my thesis and finishing my Master’s degree. SL served the purpose well, and I soon found myself spending countless hours in world, so much so that at times I was getting no sleep before teaching my morning classes. In SL, I found numerous wonderful, generous, and kind people who really helped me get through some tough times when I found my RL friends unable to.

Three months and a day later, I started a relationship with Tobie. That just made SL that much more dear to me, as now I’m lucky enough to share my SL with the cutest, nicest, and cutest kitty in SL (in my opinion, at least).

So, yeah, good times 🙂



  1. It’s certainly an amazing place. Happy anniversaries 🙂

  2. I’m so cute, you had to say it twice, huh? 😉

    Heehee. I love you, kitten =)

  3. Thank you, Wolf!

    And you know I love you, Tobie. I look forward to when we can do more things together 🙂

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