Quick post about Deviant Kitties

August 4, 2007

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Deviant Kitties is offering skins for L$100 each. This goes for both their male and female skins. Apparently, there will be a new line of skins released whenever the sim is complete (right now, DK is housed on a temporary sky platform). The old skins will no longer be available once the new skins are released, so if you don’t get them now, you won’t get them at all.

In addition to the skins, some of the DK hairstyles are now available for L$50 each, and these will also be discontinued after the move to the new sim. There is also a free hair in every DK color as well. Definitely a good way to pick up some good hair for few lindens.

On a personal note, I now have a complete collection of DK hair demos. It took me countless hours over several days with multiple crashes because of my dial-up connection, but I now have them all (I think). Not a great accomplishment, but it will make hair shopping a bit easier in the future.


  1. eeek! my favorite shop for hair is having a sell and i only learn about it now! *rushes to deviant kitties*

  2. I know! I was so glad I dropped in and found out about this before all this was discontinued.

    I made sure to add myself to the update list so that I won’t miss any future sales 🙂

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