Stray kitty

August 1, 2007

Since I haven’t been able to build in SL for a while, I decided it was silly for me to continue to own land, so as of Monday, all my SL land has been sold. Unfortunately, I had to take a loss on some of it, but at least I can now downgrade my account and will no longer have to pay premium fees (or tier). Plus, now I can seek out a plot of mature land when I get broadband again, so then I won’t have to worry about building something inappropriate in a PG sim.

It’s a little weird to not have land now. I haven’t been without a place of my own since my first weeks in SL. Of course, one kind soul has offered to let me share her place. I’ll let you guess who that is 😉



  1. I think you made the right decision, especially if you do have somewhere you can call home until you buy some more land of your own. I do know how odd it feels though, not actually having any land in your own name. You’ll be back “at full speed” soon though I am sure.

    If you get the urge to be part of building something in the meantime let me know. I just took took over the land where Phoenix’s shop was (she too is looking hard at tier costs) and am trying to figure out what to build there ;o)

  2. I know what a hard decision that must have been Chloe. I had to choose between my big shop or my home – no competition really LOL But, if I had to tier down again – well, I can imagine how you feel right now. Just keep telling yourself it won’t be for long. {hugs}

  3. This kitty has mostly been homeless… I did have a home on group land, but it’s group land… Not my land… And it’s prim limit was so low I could never actually work on making anything… And I keep meaning to build more, but I always find something else to do…

  4. My home is on group land as well, but it’s still my place.

    …or I should say, “our place” =)

  5. Being a stray is not that bad… everywhere is your home.

    I have never owned land and never plan to. If I owned land, it would take me away from great places like Midian.

    There are plenty of places to build.

    Hmm but then a guy does not have the need for a home like most ladies.

    What kind of connection do you have, are you even able to get around in SL on a slower connection?

  6. i think you did the right thing, until you have broadband again at least, plus living with tobie should be fun 😉

  7. Wolf: Do you have any ideas at all? I think one of the big SL pleasures is realizing an idea that you have in world. I’m still looking forward to building my V-for-Vendetta-inspired city.

    Phoenix: The decision got easier once I started calculating how much money I’d save by selling my land! I’m sure I’ll have land again soon after I’m off of dial-up 🙂

    Shadow: I think prim limits are evil. Well, maybe not evil, but certainly annoying. When I first started, I tried to cope with only 512 sq.m., and that didn’t last long. If you can live without land, it’s certainly cheaper. I at least have to have somewhere to change my clothes 🙂

    Tobie: Have I mentioned recently that I love you?

    *smiles at the “our place” comment*

    Ginseng: Getting around in SL for me right now is a huge chore (I’m on dial-up). Moving usually consists of me pressing an arrow, waiting ten seconds for my avie to move, and watching her walk and then begin to disappear into the ground before snapping back a few feet from where I started. On rare occasions, when things aren’t terribly lagged and I’m not suffering massive amounts of packet loss, I can almost move in real time. Almost.

    Tiana: Yeah, I can’t think of anyplace I’d rather stay than with my favorite kitty 🙂 Plus, I’ve already laid down the ground rules (I won’t be doing dishes, etc., etc.) 😉

  8. I make prim Jewelry…. 200+ micro prims is taxing for some very large land plots… 😉

    I max out sandboxs on occasion…

  9. Chloe,

    If you need an area to build on, you might use mine if I have some prim left over. That is…if you don’t mind building in highfalutin Caledon.

  10. Shadow: Wow, I don’t think I would have the patience to do that. Do you sell your stuff, or do you just do it for yourself?

    Zoe: Thank you! I didn’t realize you had land in Caledon. It was one of my favorite places to visit when I was new 🙂

  11. I’ve toyed with selling them, but I always have something else to spend $L on then space… I do have a tendency to hand out copies to friends though… Even retool them as needed for that…

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