Neko life (revisited)

July 29, 2007

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the decision I made in April to live my second life as a neko. I believe what started me thinking about this was noticing how much more cat-like many nekos are when compared to me. Though I started out using a neko skin along with my ears and tail, I have since changed so that I just add a tail, ears, and whiskers to whatever skin and outfit I’m wearing. It has me wondering if identifying as a neko still means anything to me or if it’s all just a matter of fashion.

When I made my neko transformation, I thought that it helped to represent a part of my personality—a fun, playful aspect that didn’t get represented as well without the neko look. I think there are characteristics attributed to nekos that don’t really apply to me, though. Maybe I subconsciously moved away from using neko skins because of that. Maybe I just thought the normal skins looked better on me. Not sure on that one 🙂

Anyway, I’m not feeling the pull to be neko like I once was, and I don’t like that. I hate having my identity in flux, even if it is just an SL identity.

I’m going to try living in the black tabby skin I bought for a while to see how I feel in it. It’s obviously a very different look for me, but I’m curious to see if this will reinstill the same comfort I felt when I made my decision back in April.

Black tabby Chloe

So, if you see me sometime in the near future (because I’ve been out *so* much since being on dial-up), don’t be surprised to see me without my usual freckled skin. It will be the same neurotic Chloe, just in a different wrapper 🙂



  1. You still look quiet beautiful in that dark skin, Cloe.

  2. Tricky huh? There are days I envy those who choose a particular role in SL, often before even entering the world. It gives a real sense of direction and purpose. There are other days when I relish the freedom of being able to be whoever I want to be in any given moment.

    There are also times (quite a lot of them lately) when I have no idea who or what to be. More than one of those times has brought me to exactly where you are in your pic, though usually sitting at one of Phoenix’s picnic benches, wondering what to make of myself.

    Maybe next time I’ll see if you are around and we can get together and have a chat :o)

  3. Being neko means different things to different people, hon.

    “Not neko enough?” Hon, you don’t have to prove yourself to be in the clique. It’s not like that. 😉

    Most of the nekos I know in Midian city use human skins and neko parts. You don’t have to have spots like me (or stripes!) in order to be a neko.

    I don’t think anyone’s going to judge you…just be you. I love you, with or without ears and a tail and no matter which skin you have on. =)

  4. Looker: I think you made me blush in RL. Thank you 🙂

    Wolf: I do change things about myself fairly regularly, including skins, hair, etc., but for the last few months, I’ve felt there was a core neko Chloe, and I’m not sure if I still feel that way. Anyway, I’d love to chat, so feel free to IM me if you see me in world 🙂

    Tobie: I love you too, babe 🙂 I’m not so sure I’m as worried about how other people see me as much as I am worried about being honest with myself about who I am. To be honest, I think it’s all just carry-over from RL stuff.

    Hmm . . . I think this may be one of those blog posts I wish I could take back 🙂

  5. i can understand how you feel chloe, now that i’m a drow, i have trouble going back to my human skin. i just find her so much more pretty and interesting.

    my human skin has lost its appeal because being drow is a bit more what i am and what i want to be. i dont think theres anything wrong about going to see what else is out there. sl is about experimenting and trying new things.

    maybe you’ll even find something that appeals to you more then being a neko, as long as you stay true to you, we’ll always love you. ^^

  6. Hmm.. I find the less I look like a human the more I am free to express myself and be less bound by social restrictions.

    It is always good to play different AV’s in SL since you will gain different insites from them. Of course you will eventually find a role that you prefer and allows you to express yourself the most.

    I like your new look.. in fact I like all the looks you have put together.. I hope to see you continue to make new AVs.. so fun to see.

  7. Chloe..nekos are hybrids, some have more cat, some more human, that does not make one better than the other, just unique. As for your identity,in SL you are what you make yourself. I know I was drawn to neko myself, but since then have been drawn to trying other avi’s, my werewolf, dragon, hedgehog..and so on, each is an aspect of me, and so still me, just the side I feel like showing at the time. You will always be the lovable Chloe we all know, no matter what skin, or avi you are in.

  8. “I hate having my identity in flux, even if it is just an SL identity.”

    Enjoy it. Stagnation is a bitch.

  9. OK, let me just say that I love all you guys! You’re just too awesome for words 🙂

    I was kinda down when I wrote this blog post, and I think I believed that I might need a change in order to set things right again.

    Anyway, I think at my core, I’m neko, though I’ll always try out some new looks. Except I’ll likely always have red hair and green eyes (I’m allowed some constants aren’t I, Double D? :p).

    Thanks again, everyone! Gah, I can’t wait to get broadband again so I can see you all 🙂

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